ScandiXtender Selfie Stick #ScandiPow

Have you ever tried to take the perfect selfie or group photo and wished your arm were just a few feet longer? The problem with the selfie is that they so often go so wrong! You can find them all over the internet. There is no shortage of group photos where someone’s head is missing […]


My Backpack in a Pocket

Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast who hikes and backpacks frequently, a mom shopping for groceries, a student in school, or anything else in between, everybody needs a backpack! A backpack can come in handy in a multitude of circumstances. Carry your baby’s clothes, diapers, and other essentials. Take a pack on a hike and […]

Arvo Wristwatch #arvowear

Arvo Wristwatch #arvowear

As time passes, we all find ourselves spending it in various ways. Some of us are responsible people who stay on task, keeping things done and leaving nothing incomplete. These people are the doers of the world who are always accomplishing something and being consistently productive. And of course there are those of us who […]

Coconut Oil

NutriGold Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

From being an excellent oil for heart health to being used for healthy skin and hair, coconut oil is widely known for being greatly beneficial. NutriGold Coconut Oil is a purely natural, organic, extra virgin coconut oil. It is made from fresh coconuts and is cold pressed, ensuring that you get the greatest benefits of […]