Stuffed Cookie Sandwich #treats

Stuffed Cookie Sandwich   This Stuffed Cookie recipe comes from my non-blogger friend Raina – a genius in the kitchen. When I saw her picture of the Stuffed Cookie Sandwiches on FaceBook I asked if I could have the recipe for a post – her response was “with measurements?” So this is what she came […]

Gummy Bear Soda Pop Popsicles

Gummy Bear Soda Pop Popsicles I would love to know where this image originally came from, because these Gummy Bear Soda Pop Popsicle look delightful! (See Below) So these Gummy Bear Soda Pop Popsicle look fairly simple. Let’s see, I think you’re going to need a few packages of Gummy Bears, plastic popsicle tray, and […]

How to Run an Internet Scam in 5 Easy Steps

Pay close attention to each step. If you’re going to scam people, you need to think about who they are and what their needs are. 1. Pick your Profile group a) Inner city, high school drop out, single moms. b) The elderly on a fixed income. c) Immigrant workers with poor English skills. d) Pick […]

How to Create a PDF in Seconds – withOUT adobe

This may be the shortest “How To” I ever type! 1) Download Open Office – it’s FREE software that is 100 times better than anything MicroSoft has created 2) Install Open Office 3) Open – Writer 4) Create some Text 5) Click File > Export as PDF 6) Make sure the Format is […]

Why are people so bizarre?

Bizarre Behavior The excuse that doesn’t excuse! I was leaving the mall awhile back and some lady was stripping down naked in the doorway. The security guard rushed over and asked the woman what she was doing – the woman response was “It‘s ok, I run!” WHAT? Yes, I’ve seen the triathlons where people swim […]