School Pick Up – Frustrating & Hilarious Events

If you are unlucky enough to live less than a mile from your child’s school, your child is considered a “Walker”. Meaning your kids don’t get to take the bus and every day someone has to endure the daily school drop off and school pick up. While this is meant to save the district money, […]

Dear Governor LePage, May I suggest a guillotine alternative?

  The drug trafficking problem in Maine, and elsewhere, is at an all time high. Several months back Maine’s Governor Paul LePage suggested a guillotine be used to punish drug traffickers and dealers. Though Maine’s Governor is under pressure to reduce and if all possible eliminate the drug problem, he along with many other Governors […]

Pool Skimmer Hack #LifeHack

​Mini Pool Skimmer Hack #LifeHack

  Every morning I go out, take the cover off the pool and skim the crud off it. I go back in the house, get the kids ready we get into the pool and find ICK! I just spent 10 minutes skimming off leaves and bugs and gross stuff.  Once in the pool the only […]

Cricket Gets a Food Makeover @Iams #IamsDifference #ad

Cricket Gets a Food Makeover @Iams #IamsDifference #ad

This post brought to you by Iams. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Charity here, and I am very excited to tell you about our most furry and adorable family member: Cricket. Cricket is a Shih Poo who became part of our family 4 years ago. He is fun and energetic, […]