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Charity here, and I am very excited to tell you about our most furry and adorable family member: Cricket. Cricket is a Shih Poo who became part of our family 4 years ago. He is fun and energetic, and absolutely loves meeting new people. I have to admit, I wasn’t sure about getting a dog, because they can be a lot of work (and as we all know, that work usually falls on mom). But my kids were set on it, and we met Cricket and couldn’t resist. And I could not be happier that we brought him into our family: the work is completely worth it. Each of my kids is completely in love with Cricket, and he brings such joy to our whole family.

Cricket’s Gets a Food Makeover

I want to feed all of my family members, including Cricket, the best diet possible. I know that when I am eating well, I feel so much better, and have more energy, and I know the same will be true of Cricket. He is such a sweet, happy boy, and we only want the best for him. As I learn more about healthy eating for the humans in our family, I want Cricket’s diet to be just as healthy. For the last couple of years he has been eating a dry food that is okay, but after researching the different Iams quality dog food products, we decided to make a switch.

The Iams website offers a lot of great information on pets, from nutrition to behavior. I used their helpful product selector to narrow down the food choices based on dog size, age, and special health needs. Based on these factors, we decided to switch to ProActive HealthTM wet dinners. There is a great variety of flavors so that Cricket will have a lot of choices. Iams is based on the philosophy that high quality ingredients lead to nutritious foods for your pets. I’m sold! We can’t wait to see the Iams Visible Differences in Cricket.

Cricket’s Gets a Food Makeover

The challenge that we had was transitioning Cricket from the dry food that he was used to into a wet food. Iams offers great advice on their site about how to do this. It took us about five days to switch Cricket over to the new food (I think it helped that we were switching from dry to wet food). You should transition your dog gradually, both for your pet’s safety and for his food preferences. Pets (like people) don’t always like to try new foods. We started out with a mix of 25% wet food combined with 75% of his regular dry food. He took a couple of tries to really dig in, but then he loved it. We still did 25% for a couple of days, then 50% for two, then 75% for one – it is not a good idea to change your dog’s diet too quickly or you will have digestive issues (and a grumpy pup) on your hands. This transition worked well for Cricket, and he is enjoying his new food greatly. He seems very happy, and we have already noticed a little uptick in his energy level. We can’t wait to see what other changes his new Iams diet will bring!

Visible Difference

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