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Stats for Sep 2015

Advertiser: Traffic Received from Ad:
The Stuff of Success: 5,265
In the Kitchen with KP: 17,111
Jester Journals 3,060
Fine & Trendy 6,164 is proud to offer 125×125 ad space for 7 days at just $10 per week.
Ad is located at the bottom center of each post and all ads are in rotation.

125x125 ad space

There are restrictions.
(More restrictions will be created as people get creative.)

* All advertisers are on an approval basis. reserves the right to reject any ad or advertiser at any time without notice.

* Advertisers can purchase up to 4 weeks at a time.
(no one can purchase months worth of advertising, this gives everyone a chance)

* Advertisers can only purchase 1 ad space at a time per site.
(you can’t purchase 10 ad spaces for 1 site)

* Advertiser’s links must link to ‘family friendly’ websites/blog/affiliate.
(No Smut or male enhancement affiliate links. A few funny blog posts that are a little risky are not an issue. See *Examples below.)

* No MLM scams
(MLM+Avon = Yes | MLM+Cash Crate = No)

* Work at Home on an approval bases only
(If you send me a Scam style work at home job link I Will blog about and reveal it as a scam – Don’t press your luck.)

* Affiliate style review sites are fine.

* Affiliate links on an approval bases only.
(No Smut, No Scams, you get it?)

* No pro-hate sites.
(No anti-gay, anti-religion, anti-race, anti-gender – Follow?)

Sound to good to be true?
I guess you could call this small print:

* All ads are in rotation.
* There is no limit to the amount of ads in rotation.
* All ads will show equally within the 3 ad spaces (may add more soon).

I’m not sure that there are any negatives in the small print, it’s all pretty standard. But if you have never advertised before I want you to know that if you don’t see your ad every time you visit it’s because the ads are in rotation. So refresh a few times.

“Family Friendly” means websites that won’t offend most of the ‘normal’ population (fanatics are not considered ‘normal’ population – sorry).
Family Friendly is the term used to say “No Crap, Smut or Scams” But is looking for websites which are rated PG-13, PG and G.
One funny blog post about your ex getting his penis caught in the fridge door can still equal a family friendly website.

Acceptable Affiliates style ads are those which are also rated PG-13, PG and G

Once payment is made you will be redirected to an information form where you will provide your ad information

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