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* Google Page Rank: 4
* Monthly Visitors: 370,000+
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* Monthly Page views: 450,000+
* Alexa Rank: 58,206

* FaceBook Fans: 8,300+

* FaceBook Friends: 2,400+

* Pinterest: 5000+

* Twitter Followers:
messagebubble: 3669
stuckathomemom: 3269

* Triberr Reach: 2,000,000
-12 tribes
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I do accept guest posts that are family friendly. The posts may contain up to two links and I post them within 24 hours of receipt. My fee is $45 per post and I request that payment be made within 24 hours of publishing.

If this is acceptable, feel free to send over an article when you are ready.

Articles are publisted to:

Lastly, if you are looking to maximize your exposure, I work closely with our sister site: also accepts guest posts.

I look forward to working with you,


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