The Blogging Minion Project is now accepting applications

The Blogging Minion Project is now accepting applications

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Blogging Minion Project

Blogging Minion Project


The Blogging Minion Project (started as the apprentice project) is dedicated to training those who want to become bloggers, but don’t know where to start.

This Project is designed to teach individuals how to blog while running a working blog and there May Be opportunities to work as a paid Virtual Assistant in the future.

* You will learn how to and be expected to write 300+ posts,
* learn WordPress,
* keep up with trends,
* produce quality work.
* you must be able to work in a team and independently.

You will learn to
* tweet,
* hashtagging,
* promoting,
* ad placement,
* some coding among other things.

You will be learning as you go and it is assumed that you know nothing about blogging, but have a grasp of the English language and basic computer skills (highlight, copy, paste – knowing how to turn on a computer is a vast help)

Until Aug 1, 2014 you will receive ½ of any ad revenue brought in by the website to which you are assigned. After August 1, 2014 all ad revenue will be divided equally between Minion Staff, Owners and any Investors (We don’t have investors as of yet, but we can dream!)

If you leave or are dismissed for any reason you forfeit any unpaid earnings and any future earnings. All content is owned by the website to which you are assigned and may not be taken with you.

I pay for hosting, the domain, I do all the site maintenance.
I will mentor you in how to make a blog as successful as possible.
This is an Blogging Minion Program where you will learn the best parts of blogging and possibly earn ad revenue at the same time.

Let me make this perfectly clear: my goal is to teach individuals how to become successful bloggers. I am not hiring you. I make no promises. You are a blogging minion who is going to work to create a successful blog. As long as you are successful you can stay on. You can leave at any time. When you leave everything you’ve created stays with the blog/website.

* There are no guarantees.
* Work hard and you should succeed.
* It doesn’t happen all at once.
* Blogging is a slow build, it is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

Current Training Blogs: Fine & Trendy / The Giveaway Gals

The Assignment:

To apply, take the test:

Step 1: Read This SEO Friendly Article and this SEO Friendly Images

Step 2: Take the test below. Answer all questions or the test is invalid.

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

What is a keyword?

List at least 3 places the keyword needs to be placed:

Step 1 is: Create new post - True or False

Should you copy text from a word processor into WordPress? Yes or No

Can you choose more than 1 category for a post? Yes or No

When creating anchored text, you should link to the words Click Here. True or False

target=”_blank” is used to do what?

Tell me something about yourself


Terms and condition may change at any time for any reason without warning.
By submitting an article and apply for the Blogging Minion Project you agree to the terms outlined in this document.

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