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with the security of a Pay Check

Overflow, Inc.

Mission Statement

We are dedicated to providing quality call completion services, empowering persons with disabilities and other qualified individuals with independence while keeping jobs right here in America.

Headquartered in Plainview, New York we offer work-at-home opportunities to persons with disabilities, older mature adults, American Veterans and other qualified home-bound individuals. This keeps jobs in America and employs a previously untapped human resource.

Overflow, Inc. was started by former Verizon employees with a mission to use technology to assist an underutilized segment of the American population.

Staffing at Home

The Staffing at Home Program is engineered to provide quality call center solutions to businesses worldwide by creating a virtual contact center for employees and employers.

At Staffing At Home, we understand the hassles of commuting to a corporate office. Imagine if you could work at your own pace, choose your hours of work daily, save money on corporate attire and gas, and work in your bathrobe from the comfort of your own home? As an SAH at home agent, that’s exactly what you will be doing.

Customer Loyalty Concepts

In June of 1994, the owners of Customer Loyalty Concepts followed their vision of providing home based opportunities for people interested in opening their own business. In October of the year 2000, we have moved on to hiring Caller Employees instead of Independent Contractors. Today we have over 200 CL’s throughout the country. Our long term plan is to use the Internet to provide these services and this concept to CE’s and clients in every US major market.

We attract stay at home moms and dads, professionals and others who enjoy talking to people and are knowledgeable about their computer and its software. If this sounds like you, then you can join a select group who have a passion for building a loyal subscriber base for our clients and solving customer problems over the phone. It also means you are much different than the traditional telemarketer. Our focus is on building a customer relationship, not fast paced sales.

Accolade Support

Accolade Support provides affordable call center services 24/7 with 100% U.S. based agents and plans to fit the needs and budget of companies of all sizes. Whether your organization requires an inbound call center for catalog or online sales, custom technical support, help desk, order taking, order entry, reservations, telesales, or customer service, Accolade Support is the perfect call center solution for almost any business.

Working Solutions

Working Solutions utilizes highly educated and trained professionals who have great communication and multi-lingual skills. Our Agents OnDemand have knowledge of specific products and industries allowing them to ramp up quickly to meet specific business needs.

West at Home

It’s About So Much More Than Just Working from Home.

Working for an established, stable and progressive company is an advantage in itself, but there are so many more reasons to consider employment with West at Home. Thousands of individuals from all over the country are taking advantage of the freedoms, cost savings and flexibility of employment with West at Home isn’t it time you considered this outstanding opportunity?

Whatever your motivation is to work from home, West at Home may be the perfect option for you. Just imagine conducting business in the comfort of your own home and:

* Eliminating high transportation costs

* Adding more time to your day by eliminating your commute to work
* Having the flexibility you need for your family and other activities
* Enjoying life without a dress code
* Receiving paid training conducted online in your own home
* Earning a guaranteed hourly wage working a schedule that you design

* Representing Fortune 500 and other large companies
* Working for one of Forbes Magazine top privately owned companies

West at Home means the end of costly work-related expenses and the beginning of a flexible, rewarding career opportunity. What are you waiting for? Apply online right now to get started.


LiveOps helps companies make existing call centers more flexible and highly scalable, by enabling the virtual call center model. The LiveOps Virtual Call Center Solution combines an on-demand call center platform and applications, independent home agents, and proven best practices to deliver breakthrough call center results.

LiveOps provides unlimited flexibility by scaling on-demand to ensure that the infrastructure, bandwidth and agents needed to meet any call volume are always available. Real-time visibility allows our customers to precisely monitor the quality of every call and track performance and trends across programs, agents or distributed call centers. Increased control over crucial contact center resources, processes and metrics lets our customers quickly add, shift and deploy resources to make the most of each call.

Alpine Access

Alpine Access is the premier provider of customer service solutions using home-based employees. Alpine Access clients are organizations that value their customers and are passionate about their brand. Our Alpine Customer Experience solutions mean access to quality employees, compelling operational efficiency and economic success.

Partnering with Alpine Access means gaining a competitive advantage and realizing the greatest ROI from your customer service operations. Advantage, yours.


This is a post from my friend natalyn (yes that is her screen name).

Ok yup, I work for Arise and do Dining reservations for Walt Disney World, they call me, and ask to make reservations at any of the restaurants that they make reservations for. I get to make my own hours based on the hours they provide and their hours are from 8:00am to 10:00pm. Of course when getting hours is like a mad rush to get the hours you want, but I really like it so far and the people I get to talk to are generally really nice and happy (because they are planning their vacations). Of course I get the occasional wierdo and unhappy person lol. But not very often, so far I really like it. With Arise you can work with other comapnies too, like sears, circuit city, att, AAA that’s just some of them. Ok gotta run, but if anyone has any questions just ask me.

On Point at Home

I have known 2 mom’s who have worked for this company. They tell me training is included, but you must purchase the materials.

The mothers I know work in the evenings set hours answering none sales calls, they receive an actual pay check for their services.

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