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We have a service that is unique to – FaceBook Group Review/Giveaways.

The benefits of a FaceBook Group Giveaway far exceed the benefits of a typical giveaway.

The #1 Benefit, Our Nearly 10,000 Group Members See Our Status Updates in their News Feed – unlike fan pages where a followers see nothing!

Other Benefits:
* Engagement is part of entering, so people will be talking about your product.
* Great Brand Exposure – because members see the product in their feed and in their notifications.
* Friends of Members see the content in their feed after the member comments. (it’s an open group)
* Giveaways bring more members and more members bring Brand awareness.
* The world is already on FaceBook so people are more apt to see your product.
* The giveaway will link directly to the Brands sales page so people can read up on what they’re entering to win.

Quick Exposure and lots of Engagement is exactly what your product needs.

But Wait …. There’s More!

We are also including one (1) month 300×250 ad space above the scroll in rotation on the sidebar.

How does this work?
You send us 2 family friendly products – 1 to review and 1 to giveaway.
We use the product, take some pictures, then list the giveaway in the eDee Williams FaceBook Group.

Then the magic happens. Our Group Members see the product, visit your site, engage in the process, ask questions and talk about the product.
Upon request we will also post images to Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn for added exposure.

Giveaways can run from just 24 hours to 7 days. Once we have a winner, we mail the prize – and usually add a little candy.

Still have questions? Contact us!

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