Brand v. Blogger – Promoting Partnership

Brand v. Blogger – Promoting Partnership

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I’ve worked as both a sponsor for Brands and as a Blogger. I’ve realized that some Brands are making promotions, especially Tomoson promotions, much harder on themselves – but I’ll get to that in Part Two. For now, let’s get acquainted with the Brand and the Blogger.

Brands and Bloggers work together to promote products in away that benefits both of them, but some times one side doesn’t understand where the other is coming from and compromise would be much easier if everyone was on the same page.

Part One: Both Sides of the Coin.

When I was a Brand I think I said or typed the word “Free” a hundred times a day. “We’re giving you a free product.” “We’re giving you a free product to give away.” “We have free options.” “Free” “Free” “FREE!!!”

BUT WAIT…the product isn’t Free. It’s not free to make, not free to ship, and not free to promote. It all costs something and giving it away for Free came out of someone’s budget. Typically mine and I wasn’t allowed much.

Not to mention I had to find the bloggers, ensure their blogs fit the product, look at their social media stats, see how they shared, who shared, their niche,then email the bloggers, wait for a response, figure out their requirements and on and on.

Brands must find the biggest bang for their buck or those very important marketing dollars go to waste.

When you start blogging the word FREE is enough. Free stuff! Free is good. And Free is good, but then bloggers realize that this is a hell of a lot of work.

First, you get the writing assignment.
Then, if you are a review blogger, the Brand sends you the product.
You play with the product.
You find the best keywords.
You write a post.
Sometimes you create a video.
You share the post on social media.
People comment on social media.
You respond to the people who left comments on social media.
You join groups where you each visit each other’s posts.
Then you visit 40 to 100 sites for at least 2 minutes each.
You join groups where everyone comments on everyone’s posts.
Then you read 40 to 100 blog posts and leave comments on each.
You join more groups to get followers and visits to your social media.
Then you follow and visit every member’s social media page, profile, network.
You join Alexa groups, because even though Alexa is meaningless, Brands like to see a low rank.
You agonize over your PR Rank even though Google states that PR Rank no longer matters.

BUT WAIT…wasn’t this just about writing a post for something free?
Well, it was, but if done right each 350 word post takes at least 6 hours. EACH POST!

And above … that’s just the short list.
There is also finding the sponsors, getting back links from like-minded blogs, networking and so on.

The Price We Pay.
I was once “the Brand” for a service, a web game actually.

My thinking was along these lines:
The product is $8.95 a month. I’m giving each Blogger 3 months of Free gaming. Then each Blogger is giving away a year of Free gaming to one very lucky follower.
$8.95 x 3 months (blogger) = $26.85
$8.95 x 12 months (winner) = $107.40

That’s $134.25 per blogger! PER BLOGGER!

My poor budget! All the blogger needs to do is write the post, right? I have the greatest product ever! The word Free will get people to enter the giveaway.

As a blogger, my thoughts ran this way:
I must play the game, learn the game, come up with some great keywords, I’ll need screenshots, write the post and then promote it constantly – day after day for weeks – so people will know about it and enter the giveaway.

This will take hours and hours of work – this has to be worth at least minimum wage!
I need to pay for the domain, hosting, a bunch of ‘Pro’ versions of plugins. Not to mention keep my laptop up to date, internet, camera, camcorder. And since ‘reviews alone does not a blog make,’ I have to do other things for content that will draw in more traffic. Crafts, recipes, videos – something.

And that, folks, are both sides of the coin.

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