Brands, What You Don’t Know Is Hurting You (Part Two)

Brands, What You Don’t Know Is Hurting You (Part Two)

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NOTE: This Page will Update.
I am getting the basic information out first and then I will put in more data at a later date.

Like I stated in Part 1, Brand v. Blogger – Promoting Partnership, I’ve been both the Brand and a Blogger. Keeping up with all the rules is almost a full time job for Bloggers and Brands must rely on the Bloggers to know the laws for their region, state and just the basic Blogger Rules.

The problem is that ANYONE can become a Blogger. You don’t need a license or a degree to blog so many times Bloggers do Brands a great injustice by not informing the Brands of the laws, rules and myths!

PR Rank Myth
Since Brands don’t blog they’re not privy to the ever changing web scene. I’m always amazed by how many Brands still tell me that I was chosen for a promotion because my PR Rank is 4. So? PR Rank has nothing to do with SEO, traffic, or anything else. According to Google, Bloggers and Brands find PR Rank far too important. Google has also stated that the pipeline is broken and won’t be repaired – PR Rank will never be important again, but it’s still getting me work because some marketing departments aren’t keeping up with the times.

FaceBook Myth
FaceBook once ruled the social sharing world, but not any longer. FaceBook no longer shows status updates to Fan Page followers. If you want Fan Page followers to see a status update, you’re going to pay for it. If you’re hiring bloggers based on FaceBook Following you’re going to be disappointed.

FaceBook has plenty of rules and those rules change rapidly. For example: Asking for Fan Page “Likes” can get your Fan Page deleted! Never to return.
Don’t put much stock in FaceBook – until FaceBook starts showing Fan Page updates it’s irrelevant.

UPDATE: FaceBook GROUPS are a completely different animal. FaceBook users must Join Groups so it is assumed they want to see every status update. Status updates from groups show in FaceBook users feeds and members receive notices when Group members publish a status update. If a blogger has a good size and active FB Group, that can be an asset. {A little self promoting, this is my FaceBook Group eDee Williams}

Do Follow/ No Follow Links
Many times Brands will unknowingly ask for Do Follow links. This means that once Search Engines like Google realize that the link is paid for BOTH the Brand and the Blogger are punished with lower Search Engine Results. Meaning you go further and further to the back of the line until search engines won’t index you at all.

So why do Brands ask for Do Follow links? Because the basic rule of SEO is: the more sites that back link to your site the higher you’ll rank in search engine results. Which is true. But Not if You Pay for the Link! How do search engines know that you’ve paid for the link? Because the FTC requires that bloggers display that the post was paid for. Now there is a lot of gray area here. There are some links that are paid for that aren’t promoting anything and the FTC doesn’t have a lot of rules on non-promotional paid links. I know, crazy right? But the rules usually apply to promotional review style posts.

Alexa Rank Myth
Alexa Rank is meaningless. Alexa Rank is measured by the amount of people who have installed the Alexa toolbar to their browser and visit a website. Since there is no benefit to installing the Alexa toolbar, no one does. Plus the toolbar is only made for Desktop versions of Chrome and Firefox. How much traffic do you receive from mobile devices? My mobile traffic is around half! The Alexa toolbar isn’t picking up a 10th of what I receive.

Example: Back in 2013 my Alexa Rank was around 900,000 – but I was receiving OVER 10,000 Visitors A DAY! That isn’t a typo “OVER 10,000 Visitors A DAY!”

Do you know how Alexa Rank is REALLY generated? Bloggers join FaceBook groups that do nothing but require that Members install the Alexa Toolbar and then they visit each other’s websites. After 5 to 10 days an Alexa Rank will drop to around 300,000 and stay there for 3 or 4 months. Then the blogger must repeat the process for 5 to 10 days again. If you hire bloggers based on Alexa Scores you’re wasting your money! Go to the Alexa website, it’s all explained there.

We’re going to stop there for now. I’ll be back with more soon. If you are a Tomoson Sponsor, you may want to move on to Part Three: Dear Brand, Let Me Tell You a Secret About Giveaways

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