Homemade Ice Pop Ideas to Cool Off Your Summer #kitchenne #summer #icepops

Homemade Ice Pop Ideas to Cool Off Your Summer #kitchenne #summer #icepops

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It’s the middle of summer, and that means that if you have school aged kids, they are either at summer camp or they are home bored. It seems like there is no middle ground! We have been going to the beach, swimming in the pool, heading to camp, and going to the zoo, but even though the girls are off for the summer, I am not. So to occupy them, I have been giving the girls a chance to have fun and make a healthy snack at the same time – ice pops! Here are some of the ideas that we have used. We mix the ingredients and then put them into our Classic Groove Ice Pop Molds from Kitchenne. These molds are great – they are the perfect size, and the built-in handle with drip guard has saved us from a lot of messes. There are six ice pop holders, and three different colors of cover/handles. The girls can each choose their own color, and there is even one left over for Mom. I really appreciate the fact that the ice pop holders are BPA free, and I like the yellow base tray that is very stable and holds the ice pops in place so that they are easy to fill and don’t tip over in the freezer.

Here are our favorite combinations for ice pops. It is very easy to mix and match based on your preferences. Some moms I know even try to sneak a little bit of veggies into the pops. Your secret is safe with me – the kids will never know.

1. One of our favorites is the banana strawberry ice pop. We take bananas and strawberries (fresh or frozen) and put them in the blender with yogurt. You can use regular or Greek, and whatever flavor you want. Sometimes we use strawberry and sometimes we use vanilla. Mix it up and pour it into the Classic Groove Ice Pop Molds. Let freeze and you have a delicious and healthy snack.

2. The simplest one we do is just orange juice, chopped pineapple and cherries. Mix them briefly in the blender (just enough to make it smooth) and pour into the molds. The tart flavor is really refreshing!

3. You can use milk, evaporated milk, yogurt, kefir, almond milk or soy milk as a base for this one. Just add blueberries, strawberries and blackberries to the base, with a couple of Splenda or Truvia. Mix well for a berry-stravaganza!

4. One that I love is a simple lemonade ice pop. I just mix water, ice and a sugar free lemonade mix in the blender, pour and freeze. You can even add a little sweetener if it is too tart.

5. Take advantage of the summer fruit and make pops that use fresh fruit, yogurt, and a taste of honey. The girls really like this one with bananas, blueberries, vanilla yogurt and honey.

6. You can use any type of fruit juice that you want, and then add a complementary fruit to it for a tasty, fresh ice pop. For a more robust flavor, add yogurt or kefir.

As you can see, the number of ice pop combinations is endless. Just let your kids use their imaginations, and they will come up with dozens of flavor mixtures – some of which are going to sound disgusting to you, but go with it – it is summer! Use Kitchenne’s Classic Groove Ice Pop Molds to experiment with and have a delicious, cool summer.


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