Indoor Gardening #gardening #jargarden #kids

Indoor Gardening #gardening #jargarden #kids

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Indoor Gardening


In Door Gardening

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Back when my oldest daughter was about 2 y/o, she saw a package of seeds and wanted to “Gwow pwants” – I figured 20 bucks in seeds, soil pods, green house thing – she drown the things for a few days, forget about them and that would be it.

HARDLY! It’s 6 years later and we have planted just about everything in everything – jars, baseball card protectors, hanging shoe storage bags, just about anything you can use for cooking – the list is endless as is the list of things we’ve, sometimes unsuccessfully, attempted to grow.

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I still have no idea what I’m doing, but I have learned a few things:
1. beans, peas and sunflowers grow regardless if you want them to or not.
2. they will grow in just about anything.
3. they are gluttons for punishment.

If you have a brown thumb, start with those!

This is relatively simple, we do it every year. The girls usually eat the spinach right from the top of row. It’s a project that kids can do at almost any age, it keeps their attention and it involves dirt, but not enough dirt to make a big mess.

You’ll need:
1. Baseball Card Protectors
3. Suction cups with hooks
A little electrical tape for reinforcement
Hole punch or tack
9. Soil pods
About 2 cups of warm water
and it helps to have a window that gets sun a good part of the day.

I put a strip of electrical tape on each side of the top of the baseball card protector sheet, then I punch 3 holes through the tape and protector for the hooks on the suction cups – then I hang it on the window.

Soak the soil pods according to the directions usually in warm water.

Stick the soaking wet soil pods in the baseball card protector pockets – kids love this part! Usually you have to squeeze them a bit to slip them into the pockets

Then stick seeds in the top of the soil pods and make sure to cover with a little of the pod soil.

Then wait!

We take pictures of the pods with the girls, some times every day, it’s almost impossible to take a good picture in front of a window lol
Kids love to water the seeds, use a dixie cup so you can fold it a little to make it easier.

This year we’re not transplanting the sugar snap peas. We’re going to keep them in the protector pockets and see how long they last. To help this along I purchased organic plant food, which so far has been working. We’ll keep you posted.

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As you can see I need to get that tomato plant out of there before I gets out of control. I think we’re going to try a jar, we just need to grab some soil tomorrow (: Pictures to come!

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