7 Tips For Parenting Teenagers

Parenting comes with substantial responsibilities and commitments. It can be challenging for both the parent and the child, especially if the latter is in their adolescent years.

As a parent, you will feel concerned for the teens’ future and want to instill discipline and character in them. Meanwhile, your teen will undergo relentless emotional, intellectual, and physical growth. They will express an inclination to navigate life on their own, enjoy freedom and independence, and take matters into their own hands. And while having them under your guardianship, you will have a set of responsibilities and expectations from them as their parents while simultaneously wanting to honor their wishes.

During this time, building an amiable and close bond with your young ones is crucial – something that will last for a lifetime. Moreover, a budding relationship will foster a positive and peaceful environment at home. But there is no need to fret over it, as we have you covered! Here are a few tips at your disposal to raise excellent teens as diligent parents:

Let them explore around on their own

Allow your teen to explore the world around them independently, irrespective of the consequences. If they make mistakes, they would be able to learn from them by experiencing the natural outcomes of their actions. This measure will evoke a sense of responsible decision-making as they will be careful and thoughtful next time.

For instance, if your teen has entangled themself in some form of addiction, the ideal measure would be to jump to their help without reprimanding them immediately. Services such as those offered by Delphi Health Group can bring about swift recovery in your adolescent. Timely and supportive measures on your part will make them realize their mistake and behave vigilantly in times to come.

Spend quality time together 

You can perform many engaging activities with your teen to spend quality time together. Some exciting suggestions for starters are playing sports, trying out new hobbies, and having family games and movie nights. In addition to these, you can undertake volunteer work with them. It will evoke a sense of giving back to the community. All-in-all, such endeavors will allow you to do something productive with them while simultaneously having the opportunity to instill sportsmanship and build character as a guardian.

Other activities include going for walks and drives and experiencing the outdoors together. You can also ask them to help in the kitchen and with other home chores. Consequently, you will get an opportunity to practically introduce your child to survival skills when they move out, take a hands-on role in their upbringing and make meaningful memories with them.

Be a source of constant motivation and encouragement

Teenage years are accompanied by several one-minute up, next-minute down instances in young adults. Their sports team may not be doing well, or they may not be getting grades on par with their preparation. Such occurrences might take a toll on their self-esteem. Offer continuous support in their pursuits, such as the sport they display a passion for, and uplift them with motivating words. You can share your own experiences from your adolescent years as well.

Establish a friendly communication channel

With a friendly communication channel, your teenage child will not hesitate to discuss their problems with you. They will come to you without hesitation if they feel you will hear them out adequately and give appropriate advice instead of lecturing or scolding them. The trick is to be a good listener. Don’t talk them down but let them express themselves fully and then advise accordingly as a parent and a friend. If you feel they are not meeting the expectations and responsibilities laid out for them, you can always communicate this in a friendly and mild manner.

Moreover, you can invite their friends over for dinner and night stays and get along with them as well. You can also form an acquaintance with their parents and make plans together as families.

By developing such a communication channel, you will be able to tackle sensitive topics such as tobacco, drugs, physical health, etc., with ease and confidence. This measure will serve your teen in the long term by making them more responsible and well-informed.

Give them privacy

Often teenagers want to figure out matters on their own. During this phase of life, they undergo a drive to function independently. If they want to keep their door shut, go out with their partners and friends, or keep the content of their electronic gadgets hidden, let them off. Just lay out certain ground rules that are a must to follow sometimes. Such an arrangement will allow both parties to have their way. Moreover, an adulting youngster will value their privacy being respected, which will contribute positively to the bond they share with you.

And, if you have an already established healthy communication channel with your teen, they will eventually bring the matters putting them at unease towards you. You won’t have to pry on anything.

Be involved in the smaller and bigger parts of their lives 

Manage time to pick them up for school, attend events and competitions they are a part of and have regular family meetings. These measures will allow you to communicate with each other more often and will showcase your involvement and interest in your child’s life. You can also go over your day with them while hearing out about theirs. 

Moreover, research suggests that eating meals regularly together comes with a big bundle of benefits for the entire family. From a self-esteem boost to better eating habits in your children, eating together can be the ultimate parenting hack.

Accept the generation gap

Your children’s views, lifestyles, aspirations, and opinions are bound to diverge from yours as they were born and raised during different times. Therefore, instead of imposing your experiences and viewpoints on them, you can originate an amicable connection with them by accepting and respecting the generation gap. How they want to dress, how they want to express themselves, and what career options they want to pursue- feel free to give your two cents so that it contributes to their decision-making. However, while doing so, be mindful of foisting anything or coming off as judgmental.


Parenting teens is indeed a hefty task. Parents often find themselves struggling in a bid to provide the absolute best for their children. While navigating the parenthood of adolescents on the verge of adulthood, tips like those shared above can be a source of immense help. By following these, parents can make it a stress-free and worthwhile experience for themselves and nurture strong, focused, and budding individuals.

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