IP Policy:
IP Addresses are collected when leaving comments and logging in to StuckAtHomeMom.com.
IP Addresses which are collected are used ONLY to block spam bots, block hacker bots and block trouble makers.

Email Policy:
We do not ever sell, rent, give, or let anyone, including sponsors, even peek at our email lists.
We do not and will not collect email addresses for sponsors.

Newsletter Policy:
If you’re expecting a lot of newsletters from us you’re going to be disappointed. If you start to receive excessive newsletter emails from us something has gone terribly wrong. Please forgive us we promise to correct the problem as soon as possible.

All newsletter email addresses collected from our following are for the use of StuckAtHomeMom.com only. We may put sponsored information into the newsletters which we rarely publish, but our email list is not for sale.

Giveaway Policy:
With some exceptions prizes must be sent to the StuckAtHomeMom.com office before a giveaway will be run.
Giveaways are run within our FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/edeewilliams/
For Giveaway Rules – Terms – Conditions – Disclaimer – Disclosure – Guidelines go here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/edee-williams/rules-terms-conditions-disclaimer-disclosure-guidelines/383208981879773

Exception: For Group Giveaways which are NOT directly hosted by StuckAtHomeMom.com, prizes are the responsibility of the Hosting Blog or Sponsor unless otherwise stated by the Hosting Blog.

Sponsored Post Policy:
We receive products and payment from Brands to review products. Though the products are provided at no charge all opinions are our own. If a product does not meet our standards the product is returned to the Brand.

You will see this image at the top of all sponsored posts/review posts.


StuckAtHomeMom.com contracts writers and editors to meet our publishing demands. Each and every product is tested by either the writer or the owner of StuckAtHomeMom.com. If the case of a review by the owner – the owner gives the writer notes and information about the product and the writer finishes the product review post.

Policies Updated January 15, 2015

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