10 Gifts He Won’t Hate! #Kyasi

10 Gifts He Won’t Hate! #Kyasi

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If I were to ask you who the most difficult person in your life is to shop for, I bet a high number of you would say your father. Unless he has a specific hobby or interest (and how many fishing or World War II books can the man possibly need?) it is probably hard to shop for him for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, or whatever holidays you celebrate together. But it is so important to find him a gift. After all, the man did give you life. Or if he is a step-father or uncle, he raised you and helped make you the person you are today. Now instead of trying to make you feel guilty, I am going to give you some help. Here are some suggestions for gifts for the special Dad in your life:

1. A Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser Combination Gadget: Come on, it has the word “laser” in it. How can it get any cooler? One end is a laser pointer, which is great to use as a pointer during presentations, for pointing out stars in the night sky, or frankly, for what we all use it for – to play with our cats. The other end is an interchangeable pen/stylus. The pen is high quality and uses a standard pen cartridge, so this gadget will last Dad for a long time. The stylus works great as well – it is microfiber tipped, so unlike early styli it will not drag across his screen or scratch it. And he can always find it, because it is with the pen he always carries!

2. Magazine subscription: What is his favorite magazine? Does he have a subscription? Or what is a magazine that he doesn’t read, but you think he would find interesting? There are magazines for virtually every hobby and interest out there, and if your Dad is like mine, he won’t spend the money on it for himself, but he will be very pleased to receive it. And many magazines now offer a digital counterpart with a subscription, so he can even read it on his tablet if he prefers that.

3. Board games or video games: Sometimes you are lucky enough to be told that there is a game that he really, really wants. Other times, you have to go out on your own. Ask friends, and read reviews and search for the most highly recommended games. And there are always the classics like Monopoly and Parcheesi if he doesn’t already own them – you can even organize a Family Game Night to try it out.

4. Monthly subscriptions: If someone is truly difficult to buy for, why not invest in an annual service that streams music or movies? That can cover you for Father’s Day, his birthday, Christmas and any other holidays that you celebrate. And it is a gift you know that he will use!

5. Gift cards: Yes, this may seem like a cop-out, but you can get creative with it. Buy him a gift certificate for an activity you can do together – golf, bowling, the movies, skiing – the sky is the limit. And make a date to do the activity with him. Or you can get him a gift certificate to his favorite sports store, music store, or restaurant. Or virtually anyplace online. If he’s tough to shop for, why torture both of you by hunting for something that he is never going to use anyhow?

6. Updated shaving kit: For years it was considered such a convenience that you could buy shaving cream and disposable razors instead of using the shaving soap, brush and safety razor, which were considered old-fashioned and time-consuming. Now though, whether it is through nostalgia for the old things, or just the fact that men are realizing that by pampering themselves and taking time, they are getting a much better shave, lots of men are switching over to the shaving soap and brush. Do some research and buy Dad a nice shaving brush (muskrat hair is very popular!) and a nicely scented soap. If it’s for your husband, you’ll appreciate the nice close shave he gets!

7. Phone and tablet accessories: Covers, chargers, stands and apps are all appreciated by a tech guy. See if any of his accessories need an update, or if he could use a portable charger for his phone.

8. Shirts: Yes, the tie is a long derided stereotypical Dad gift (especially if it lights up!) but whether your Dad goes to the office every day, or only dresses up for weddings and funerals, wouldn’t he appreciate a really nice, high quality dress shirt, monogrammed with his initials on the pocket or cuff? It will be a nice change for dad to have just a little bit of vanity – his own distinctive shirt will make him the envy of the office or the event.

9. Tickets to a sporting event: In exchange for all of the hours he spent watching your (or your children’s) basketball, football and lacrosse games, that special Dad deserves a couple of nice tickets to a professional sports game. It’s up to you if you accompany him, and you can even spring for dinner at a local sports pub first.

10. His favorite dinner: If money is tight but time isn’t, make your Dad his favorite dinner. You can make it at home and transport it, or you can cook it in his home and spend time with him while you do. Either way, he will love the thoughtfulness you put into the gift, and who doesn’t love to be surprised by their favorite dinner?

With just a little forethought, you can get the special Dad in your life a very nice gift that shows that you were thinking of him. Instead of a novelty clock, ugly tie, or his 33rd bottle of cologne, surprise him with a thoughtful gift like tickets to a sporting event, a game you can play together, the Kyasi Stylus Pen and Laser Combination Gadget, a streaming subscription, or a subscription to his favorite magazine. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to be the favorite kid again?

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