Building Good Karma with

Building Good Karma with

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I deal with a lot of people in my day – from my family, parents at school, folks at the grocery store, people I help to care for, and friends, that is a lot of face-to-face contact. Add in my online contacts – followers, other bloggers, vendors, and online friends, and I see a lot of different behaviors every day. Fortunately, the bulk of them are positive actions, but there are always the negative occurrences that can really get to you and get you down. I’ve always wished that there was some way (besides words, which don’t always come out the right way when you are upset) to express how I feel. So I am very glad to have discovered Amazing Karma Social Network at

Karma is the non-religious system where a person’s good deeds and intentions result in future happiness, while negative deeds and intentions result in future unhappiness for them. is a website started by a husband/wife team who have experienced a lot of ups and downs in their own lives. They adapted a Karma game that they played in their own family and made it available for anyone, using cards that express what we want to say to others when we want to compliment them on positive actions or cause them to rethink negative ones. Unlike Karma in our everyday lives, where we have to content ourselves with knowing that future happiness or unhappiness will occur in an intangible way, the system is based on Karma points, which you receive by registering the cards that you receive. You can receive cards by ordering them, you may find them somewhere that someone has left them, or someone may give you a Good Deed Karma Card or a Bad Deed Karma Card based on your actions.

Amazing Karma

When you receive a Karma card, you register it in your account at, and you receive Karma points that can be later donated to charities, or used to purchase a consumer gift card. The best thing is that when you register a card and get the point, anyone else who has every registered that card will receive a point in their Karma account as well. You can accumulate unlimited points.

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Another plus to cards is that they do not shame the person who has performed a negative deed: you don’t lose points when you receive a card. Instead, they are an opportunity to see the errors of one’s ways, and to accept personal responsibility for the action. By registering the Bad Deed Karma Card, and individual acknowledges the deed, accepts responsibility, and receives a positive Karma point for doing so! This is a great way to help us all live with intention and mindfulness, and to help us pay attention to the effect that our actions have on others. Go to where you can read about the creators, watch videos that explain the system, and register to receive you own cards, which are free right now!

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