Check out the Green Eggs and Ham – Read and Learn App: Fun for All! #sponsored

Check out the Green Eggs and Ham – Read and Learn App: Fun for All! #sponsored

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If you are like me, and the vast majority of children born after 1950, Dr. Seuss is a fond memory from your childhood. We were entertained, and we learned to read, with great books like The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! I can remember sitting and listening to Dr. Seuss’ rhymes, enthralled by the pictures, as my parents read me the books. Then I remember reading them to myself, and then much, much later, reading them to my own girls. The nostalgia I feel for them is huge, and I am glad that Oceanhouse Media has made Green Eggs and Ham available, in a modern way, to a new generation. I love the Green Eggs and Ham – Read and Learn App.

Green Eggs and Ham

With school starting soon, you are probably pretty focused on making your child’s school experience the best that it can be, from new lunch recipes, new sneakers, and their favorite pencil box to teacher conferences and sports schedules. One simple thing that you can do to enhance the learning to read experience for your 3 to 6 year old is to download the Green Eggs and Ham – Read and Learn App for your iOS device. The app was just launched a few days ago, and Keira and I are addicted already!

Green Eggs and Ham Here or There

First of all, the graphics on this app are really cute. They are bright and bouncy, just like the books. And the music is very whimsical and fun: Keira really loves it. Because she is mostly non-verbal, I really appreciate this app for her sake – it allows her to read along with the book, and to hear the words read out loud. She will actually repeat a word here or there, which makes me very happy.

Green Eggs and Ham Super Speller

On each page, the story continues and is read out loud as the words are highlighted. Children can press on a word to hear it read again, or they can press on a circle with an arrow to hear the whole page re-read. Then they are able to touch and move the characters on the page to get them to do funny things, or to shake the phone to make things jump up and down. Each page has a star that they can find, which will then lead them to a game that has them spell a word, choose a rhyme, or pick a picture based on a description. Finding the star is one of Keira’s favorite parts of the book.

Green Eggs and Ham Game

I love that now that Keira and I have gone through the book a few times together, she can go through it herself. She presses words to get them to repeat, and she loves clicking on other objects on the pages to get the app to show her the word and say it out loud. It’s really great because she is “driving” the app, having fun, and learning all at the same time. The app teaches spelling, phonics, rhyming and reading comprehension. There is even a parents’ section where you can check up on your child’s reading stats: number of pages read and minutes reading. You can also change the setup so that your child can read the book to herself without the app reading to her, and you can reset all of the hints and the learning activities.

I highly recommend Green Eggs and Ham – Read and Learn App for your child. Designed for kids from 3 to 6 years old, it will appeal to them because of the bright colors, the fun rhyming, the games and the story. It is available for iPhone or iPads, and your child will love it!

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