Namaste! Make Your Yoga Sessions More Enjoyable #cleveryoga

Namaste! Make Your Yoga Sessions More Enjoyable #cleveryoga

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Like all Moms, I am super-busy and often super-stressed. People keep recommending yoga as a great way to relieve some of my stress and take some “me” time, but because of kids, events, carpools, blogging and activities I am not able to attend scheduled classes at a local studio. So I have been doing yoga at home. I am very much a beginner (I have mastered the downward facing dog, but that is about it) but I am enjoying it very much. I feel quite professional with my yoga mat and my yoga pants, but by far my favorite accessory is my yoga mat towel. Before I started doing yoga, I didn’t even know that such a thing existed, but I am loving my Yoga Towel Set by Clever Yoga.

I should pause right now, though, to admit that Riley took the towel to camp by mistake, and it is now her absolute favorite towel. It is made of incredibly soft and super-absorbent microfiber, and since it is the same size as my yoga mat she was very happy that she could wrap it around herself a bunch of times and dry off right away. She has claimed the towel – I may need to order a new set!


So back to the intended use of the Yoga Towel Set – before I started doing yoga I had no idea that I would want a yoga towel, but it makes such a difference. Part way through a yoga session, I noticed that my feet were losing traction on the mat because it was getting damp. I tried a regular beach towel, but it was not the right size and it was too heavy. The Yoga Towel Set is perfect – at 72” X 24” the larger towel is just the right size for the mat, so I didn’t have to worry about tucking in ends or trying to stretch the towel. The best part is that it is so soft and absorbent that I was very comfortable and the mat never got wet at all. The towel worked like magic – as soon as it was damp at all it stuck with the mat perfectly. It didn’t slide around at all, and kept me from slipping too. The other thing that I loved was how quickly the towel itself dried. If I were attending a class I would want a towel that dried this quickly so I didn’t have to shove a wet towel in my bag. I just toss the towel in the washer and it is perfect again. The set also comes with a hand towel that measures 24” by 15” and is great for wiping your face and hands during your session. It is made of the same material as the larger towel, so it is perfect for your workout.

The yoga towel is thick enough to give you added cushion while you are doing yoga. It is also thick enough that if you forget your yoga mat, it makes a good replacement in a pinch. Because of the light weight of the towel, though, it is wonderful for traveling. If you know you are going to want to do yoga in your hotel room but don’t want to deal with a bulky mat, the towel folds nicely to fit into your luggage. When you use the towel with your mat, it makes your mat last longer and keeps it clean; because you can put the towel in the washer it is also more hygienic than just using your mat. The Yoga Towel Set from Clever Yoga also comes in beautiful colors – you have your choice of vibrant colors to jazz up your workout, or somber colors to help you relax. Either way you can’t go wrong with Clever Yoga’s towels.

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