Pet portraits of Man’s (& Woman’s) Best Friend #petportraits

Pet portraits of Man’s (& Woman’s) Best Friend #petportraits

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Sometimes I write about a friend who I help care for. She is one of my former teachers, a truly lovely person, who was like a mother to me. She and her husband are elderly now and are still living on their own, so I go visit a couple of times a weeks to spend time with them and help around the house. They have a beagle named Skippy that they dote on. Unfortunately Skippy has been very ill recently. So when the opportunity to review a pet portrait for Paint Your Life .com came up, I jumped on it. I’m glad to be able to give my friends a sketch of their best friend.

Pet portraits are such a great idea. They make a wonderful gift for the pet lover in your life, or for yourself. Dogs and cats are such a part of the family, and it makes sense to capture them in a sketch or painting. They give us unconditional love and make us feel better when we are down – pet portraits are a great way to keep their memory alive long after they are gone. They also help us to realize how big our pets have gotten – a portrait of a puppy next to a portrait of him or her as a full-grown dog is sure to be a conversation piece!

I wish that my friend had been able to get pet portraits of some of her past cats and dogs – she still talks about them with such joy and appreciation. They have all been members of her family and will never be forgotten. That’s why I am so happy to be able to be able to give them this portrait of Skippy. I found a picture of him looking up at whoever took the photo. I was able to Photoshop the background out, and then I went to Paint Your Life and started my order.

I cannot emphasize enough how simple this order process was. I selected the number of subjects, the medium, size, quantity, and frame. Then I uploaded the photo and chose a background. Next it took me to a checkout page where it showed my photo and all of my choices. It gave me the finished date (less than two weeks away) and totaled my purchase. A deposit is required, and then you are ready to go. The process took less than ten minutes.

After I uploaded the photo, I asked them if they could change the jeans to look like a pillow. I told them that the image is of my dear friend’s dog who was very ill, that the dog sleeps with them every night and I would love the image to look like the dog was peeking his head out of the covers. As you can see, they did a wonderful job changing the photo to prepare it for the artwork.

I am so excited to see the picture when it comes. I will share it all with you and review the final product. But I just had to share with you how easy this whole process was.


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