The Perfect Travel Umbrella for Maine Weather #procellatravelumbrella

The Perfect Travel Umbrella for Maine Weather #procellatravelumbrella

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One of the things that I love about living in Maine is the unpredictable weather. One of the things I hate about living in Maine is the unpredictable weather. Sometimes I feel like the weather forecasters have just given up, and I can hardly blame them. I’ve seen temperatures of 35° and temperatures of 85°. Sometimes in the same week. And the seasons don’t help – at times I’ve got winter and summer gear in the back of my car at the same time. It barely seems worth it to take it out. But I am truly not complaining. I love the variety.

One challenging aspect of Maine weather is the rain. We don’t have a particular rainy season, or a rainy time of the day like some places do. What we do get is dark clouds that roll in, seeming at random, and threaten to drench us. Then they actually drench us. This is why I always carry an umbrella with me, specifically the Procella Travel Umbrella.

I really like the Procella Travel Umbrella for a few different reasons. First of all, I need an umbrella that tucks away in my bag easily, and at 11” closed length, this umbrella is a perfect fit. I have found in the past that it is hard to find an umbrella that folds down into such a small package, but is big and solid enough to be practical in a storm. The Travel Umbrella is. It is not a wimpy, thin umbrella that turns itself inside out at the first sign of wind. Instead, it has a sturdy 42” canopy that is more than adequate protection from rain and wind. It is strong, but very lightweight, which is important when the kids are using it, or if I am carrying a lot of groceries or bags. The whole thing weighs less than a pound.

I also love the auto open and close feature – no more pinched fingers! It is so simple that even the girls can open and close it without an issue, and I can get it open and closed easily as I get in and out of the car with groceries or sports gear. The non-slip handle makes it even easier to keep a grip on. The wind protection is another benefit; because there is a vented double canopy, the wind is displaced more easily and the umbrella holds its shape without turning inside out and becoming a weapon instead of an umbrella.

The Travel Umbrella is not only useful in the rain. It is a great lightweight umbrella to take to the beach or to sporting events for sun protection. With its metal and fiberglass frame it even makes an excellent golf umbrella, and slips right into the pocket of your golf bag. It is also, as the name suggests, a perfect umbrella for traveling. It fits neatly into your carry-on or suitcase, and you will have it handy in case of unexpected showers in a new city. You may even end up getting extras to keep one in the car, one in the house, and one in your beach bag. Procella Travel Umbrella is a fantastic investment.

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