Use a Kitchen Scale for Accuracy and Easy #WeighterKitchenScale

Use a Kitchen Scale for Accuracy and Easy #WeighterKitchenScale

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Stephanie here! I asked eDee if I could check out the WeighterTM Kitchen Scale and report back, and I’m glad that I did. I fell in love with it. I just started working with a health coach, and I am trying to be a lot more conscientious with my food intake – so the WeighterTM kitchen scale is perfect.

First of all, I really love the look of the WeighterTM Kitchen Scale. It is modern and streamlined, and of course, who wouldn’t love to have a mustache on their scale? It just adds class to the entire kitchen. I appreciate the compact size of the scale as well – with a small kitchen, I can’t keep anything on hand that isn’t literally worth its weight. I have the WeighterTM Kitchen Scale hanging on my kitchen wall – it is out of the way and I have gotten a lot of compliments on it too.

Now that I am eating healthier, I am trying to keep my portions under control. Until I started using the scale to weigh my chicken and fish, I didn’t realize how large my portion sizes were. No wonder I couldn’t lose weight! Now I can even weigh food when I get home from the grocery store and package it separately to eat later – it makes a big difference in choosing healthy snacks, knowing that they are measured and ready to go.

I’ve also been trying out a few sugar-free recipes for baking, and I am having fun experimenting. I recently have discovered that for anything but liquids, you are better off measuring your ingredients by weight rather than volume. For example, if you weigh your flour (which means finding recipes that include weight) you know that you have the right amount. The amount of flour in “1 cup” can vary widely depending on whether or not you pack the flour into the cup or not. More and more recipes are including the weight of the ingredients in order to be more accurate.

The best thing about the WeighterTM Kitchen Scale, though, is its accuracy. I have used other scales that did not work well over time, or that were inaccurate when weighing the exact same thing twice. I have not had any problems with accuracy with this scale. I also really like the precise“tare” function, which allows you to place a bowl on the scale and tare the weight back to zero before adding your ingredients. This means that if you are cooking something that requires a lot of ingredients, you care tare the scale after each ingredient to make sure that you are getting the most accurate measurements possible.

Whether you want a scale to allow you to cook more accurately, or to be better able to monitor your portion size, the WeighterTM Kitchen Scale is the scale for you. It is attractive, compact, and accurate with an easy-to-read LCD screen, auto-calibration and auto-shutoff.

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