Vitamin D3 Spray for Quicker Absorption #sprayvitd3

Vitamin D3 Spray for Quicker Absorption #sprayvitd3

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I have elderly friends that I help to care for: I am their nurse and Stephanie is in charge of appointments and scheduling. Their son takes care of their medications, and they have quite a few each. I can’t believe the number of pills that they have to take each day. I know that there are many people of all ages in this situation; medications can be complex and difficult to deal with. After all, how many pills a day can you be expected to swallow? And that is before you look at vitamins and supplements that so many of us take to improve our health and decrease our chances of disease. Fortunately there is SprayVIT Vitamin D3 Boost to allow you to get your recommended Vitamin D3 allowance on a daily basis without adding more pills to your daily routine.

A spray vitamin supplement makes sense for so many reasons. First of all, many people have trouble swallowing pills. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, a hiatal hernia, or diverticulitis, swallowing certain pills can be very problematic for you. In addition, pills contain fillers (including talcum powder, yeast, and sugar) and binders (usually wax or shellac) which you most likely don’t want to ingest along with your daily vitamins. From a vitamin point of view, though, the biggest issue with pills is that they take a long time to absorb into your body, and usually only absorb about 10% of the nutrients.


SprayVIT Vitamin D3 Boost solves all of those issues. It is a minty spray that is carefully measured to dispense the appropriate recommended dose of 5000 IU per day. Each vial contains a 30-day supply. The reason that a spray works so much more efficiently than pills is that with the spray, the nutrients are immediately absorbed into the thin membranes in your mouth called the buccal mucosa. This facilitates a much quicker and more thorough absorption of the nutrients into the body, without requiring the digestive system to break them down.

So why a Vitamin D3 supplement? For many reasons. Our normal pathways to Vitamin D3 are the sun and food, and we don’t always get a sufficient amount through either route. And if we don’t have enough Vitamin D3 it can affect our bones, making them softer and weaker and increasing our risk for falls. In addition, certain types of cancers, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes are believed to be linked to a Vitamin D3 deficiency.

Practically everyone needs a Vitamin D3 supplement, so why not use an effective method to get the right dosage and allow it to absorb into your system effectively? Choose SprayVIT Vitamin D3 Boost Spray to get your daily supply of Vitamin D3 – and minty fresh breath too!

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