Hurry! Synovate is only taking a few more people! Legitimate Survey Site.

Hurry! Synovate is only taking a few more people! Legitimate Survey Site.

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I got this one in my morning mail and checked them out. WOW!
I’m impressed.

Here is how it works.

First you have to sign up. If you hate giving out your real email address, makeup a new one using Google, but don’t forget to check it often.

Complete the easy peasy surveys first. Take some time doing them, give them some good answers.
{The first survey’s are all about you.}

If you blog, let them know you’re interested in testing products and reviewing them.

You earn points, those points add up. Each survey also enters you to win stuff, but what you really want is for them to send items to your home for you to review. That is where you get the Good Stuff!! You have to earn the good stuff. Obviously they’re not going to just send you stuff without getting to know you a little. So do the little survey’s first and then tell them about your blog and how interested you are in reviewing products. Once they see you are not only interested, but actually doing surveys, you’re in!

Synovate is ONLY taking a limited amount of people and there are many people sharing this link, so Go Now!! Sign Up! It only takes a Minute! Click Here

Why voice your opinions?
Because Synovate’s panel members influence products and services used by people around the world!

* Participation is free.
* Most surveys take 15 minutes. (most take less)
* Test products before they arrive in stores.
* Earn reward points, prizes and sweepstakes entries.

Each month, over 200 panelists share $5,000 in total prizes.
Will you be one of them? Click Here

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