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The 52 Week Money Challenge – you game? #52weekmoneychallenge

The 52 Week Money Challenge
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2016 Money Challenge Calendar



2015 – 52 Week Money Challenge PDF

Download printable


52 Week Money Challenge

When I was first married I would go to the bank every week on pay day and withdraw a roll of gold dollars. When I got home from work I unrolled the coins and dropped them into the change bucket. It was a great way to save money and because they weren’t paper dollars it was easy to leave it in the jar.

Every year I want to start again, but … honestly, I forget.
This year I found this 52 Week Money Challenge as a FaceBook share and it looks like a good challenge.

The Money Challenge

I’m going to spice it up a little – I’m going to post my jar weekly!
I’m counting on peer pressure to help me keep going.

The calendar is marked – each week to remind me which week it is and how much to put in the jar.

So are you in?
How long can you keep it up?

Off to the craft store with you to purchase a jar.
Print out the 52 Week Challenge Paper and stick it IN the jar to make sure you follow it.
Let me know how far you get. (Friend me here: eDee)

52 Week Money Challenge 2015

Download printable
52 week money challenge 2015 PDF

NEW 2015 -52 Week Money Challenge 2015 - Printable! Get a jar and each week put in the amount listed. It starts with one buck and goes up by one more each week. By the last week of the year you will have $1,378.00!!! Print and stick the chart right into the big jar, or tape onto it so it wont get lost. Fun and pretty do-able!
NEW 2015 -52 Week Money Challenge 2015 -  Printable!  Get a jar and each week put in the amount listed. It starts with one buck and goes up by one more each week. By the last week of the year you will have $1,378.00!!! Print and stick the chart right into the big jar, or tape onto it so it wont get lost. Fun and pretty do-able!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.
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202 thoughts on “The 52 Week Money Challenge – you game? #52weekmoneychallenge

  1. Saw this on pinterest! I just bought a jar and I’m joining you! I graduate from nursing school at the end of the year so this will be great! 🙂

    1. @Jess Vogel, I hope to post a picture of my jar every week – until people get REALLY bored of it at least lol I’m going to Pin them, have a board just for my jars lolol You should too, we’ll follow each others jars (:

  2. I saw this on pinterest as well. I already made up my own list (I needed dates in case I lose track, lol). My mom’s going to do it too. Can’t wait! I hope I can keep it going all year!

  3. Putting $200 the month of Dec could be difficult so I would recommend doing it like this wk 1,2,3,52,4,5,6,51,7,8,9,50,10,11,12,49…that way you spread the larger amt wks in w/the smaller amt weeks.

    1. Yes, I think I like this method better. I figured it out…that last month’s amount is less than if you went with the original format. Like $154 approx. as opposed to over $200 for those last 4 weeks. Not as daunting.

  4. Great ideas, already have the jar so I’m ready to go. I think I will start backwards also. Can’t wait to hear how we all do.

  5. I LOVE the idea!! I would actually like to find one that would be good for a monthly challenge…..yet not break the bank (my pocket). Something for my children to get involved in.

  6. I love this! I’m going to try it, but alternate the amounts between week 1 and week 52. Can’t wait to get all that money saved!

  7. I’m so doing this… will be good for either using for my son’s second birthday party at the beginning of next year or a family vacation!! so excited

  8. What a great idea! I am going to start this tomorrow with a few tweaks to accommodate my very limited budget and only getting paid monthly. I won’t have near as much at the end of the year, but I am instead going to do each month (x10) and count backwards. Also going to start tomorrow (Feb 1), that way the big amounts are not around the holidays.

  9. I’m going to let my kids pick a number out of the jar (1-52) to determine how much to save for the week…larger amounts = spending less that week.

  10. We threw all our change in a jar last year and the last week in December we cashed it in for our trip to Florida. The change paid for our car to be parked at airport for a week, it paid for our limo from the airport in Tampa to the hotel in Indiana Rocks Beach and for the limo from Indian Rocks Beach hotel back to Tampa airport ($65 one way plus tip) Airport was 1 1/2 hrs from hotel. We were thrilled. I am now doing this idea to pay for the plane and hotel at the end of this year! My husband will be so impressed! He is still throwing his change in jar to pay for the cars again. I’m not letting him know I’ve been doing this. I can’t wait! Thanks for the idea!

  11. For those that might be on a tight budget, you may want to print it off and rotate like week one, week 52, week 2, week 51… Towards the end, near the holidays, you may not have the extra money a week. You could print the paper and highlight as you complete the week. You could also based on your finances, just choose a week that fits your budget, then mark it off and again highlight once completed. Just a thought!

  12. LOVE IT! this is the greatest idea ever! Im on a tight budget and have been wanting to start a savings fund for awhile now just never thought to plan it out 🙂 I plan on doing this just alittle different… Im going to try to get a few months ahead so incase something happens and i dont have the extra cash i wont be behind… If I complete all 12 months early im going to start over and add to the money!!! i also keep a change jar at the end of the year i will add that to it too 🙂 instead of a jar im going to use an evelope or the bank not sure yet 🙂 but good luck everyone!

  13. I feel very inspired. I am going to do the 52 weeks also However I am doing it in reverse, starting with the big money now. who know maybe I will be able to add a little extra at the end that way and have more. I do save change and use to put $20 away but I have always spent it and not started again. DUH I know. thanks for inspiring me. Anna

  14. I am doing this but other then the fear the bank may loose all my money. I don’t see the point. We already keep a jar with pennys ( doesn’t everyone) and another for dimes and nickles. and a 3rd for quarters. (Laundry) It might be cool at the end of the year to hold 1,500 cash.

  15. I’m going to do this but put an amount from the calendar as what I have available each week and mark that amount off. Right now I can afford some of the higher amounts so I’ll start with those, I’ll have to play catch up though. So now to catch up I might have $60 to put in and split it by 6 of the weeks to start.

  16. Just noticed an error how can week 49 be less then week 48? Should be week 49 $1,225.00.
    [ADMIN: Hi, I know it wrong. I didn’t type it up so I don’t have the original to correct it. Maybe I can photoshop it – I’ll try.]

  17. Opps week 52 should be $1,388.00

    [ADMIN: Hi, I know it wrong. I didn’t type it up so I don’t have the original to correct it. Maybe I can photoshop it – I’ll try.]

  18. Week 49 should read $1,225.00 simple mistake.

    [ADMIN: Hi, I know it wrong. I didn’t type it up so I don’t have the original to correct it. Maybe I can photoshop it – I’ll try.]

  19. I have been looking for a way to save some money………what a GREAT idea you have here! I’m starting today……which is a little short but maybe I can make up the short…… THANK YOU so much!!!

  20. I just found this on pinterest today but im going to start this week and continue to next feb its a great idea! I already have change jar started to pay to get my dogs fixed but this will be for me!!

  21. Found this on Pinterest….Great idea…I just recreated it in Excel. So I could do formulas & move weeks around! I am thinking I am going to give it a shot…thanks.

  22. My husband and I are doing something like this, only we picked one day a week (Sunday for us) and are putting the date into the jar. IE: Sunday, February 17 we put $17 in the jar. That way its always changing but we are still saving…and its not a huge hit at the end of the year

  23. I just started this! I decided to put the amount in my “jar” (I chose my savings account) each Friday 🙂 I just can’t wait until the next week to put in more money! The cool part is, you will never put in more than $52! I plan on just starting over after week 52 and putting $1 in the next week! Thanks for the encouragement! It will make it much easier!

  24. Love this idea. I will try it. My husband always says, when you save money your not spending it on something you can probably live with out.

  25. Why is this better than leaving money in the bank to earn interest? Its not really saving money, its just moving money sooo….
    [Admin: If you’re not spending it, you’re saving it, it doesn’t matter how.]

  26. This is great. Putting money in the bank eventhough it earned interest when tax season comes the goverment tax whatever you have in your account. Much better this way, I work hard for my money and pay taxes. No need for the goverment to get my “fun money”

  27. I agree it would be hard for the last few weeks so why not do $1 then the 52$ then $2 then the $51 dollars. something like that would give you somewhat equal amounts then you’d feel like you were getting somewhere faster and be more inclined to continue.

  28. i think if you paid the amounts in reverse it would be easier to keep motivated bc the amount ur putting in is always less and less

  29. It is so funny that I found this! I just started doing something similar!
    Instead of having a set amount I am putting away the “extra” bit from every check.
    Like last week the check ENDED in 49.06 so I took out 9.06 and put it away this weeks ended in 55.43 so I put away $5.43.
    I know this won’t get me a set amount and some weeks are hardly worth it (one was only .06) but that’s not really the point!!!
    The point is, to save…no matter how much.
    I’m really interested to see how much we’ll end up with at the end of the year!!!
    I’m still printing THIS chart out too…maybe I’ll try it this way next year!

  30. I really like this idea. Was just talking to hubby and stating that we need to start saving money. This is a good way to start. Thank you for posting this. It will be helpful.

  31. This is probably doable if you get paid weekly AND your weekly pay is big enough. However, if you are on a limited income(Social Security) and get paid monthly, by the 21st week you have to put in a total of $100.00 for the month! And that is only through the 24th week!

  32. Just add $26.50 every week and you have it. No need to worry about the higher weeks falling in Dec. Every 2 weeks cross offweeks # 52&1, #51&2, #50&3 and so on.
    [eDee: There are a lot of different ways to do it. I think the idea behind the 52 week challenge was to make it fun and slowly build up to show people they can put money away. But who knows, like I said – I found it on FaceBook lol]

  33. I saw this on Pinterest and I will join it as well. Week one went well. I am doing mine a little different because I do not want to have to save so much toward the end of the challenge. So for week one, I saved $50. I plan on saving $1 for week 2.

  34. “liked” it yesterday, “read” it today!
    A little behind but will make my way!
    On payday I’m going to play catch up and do this with you!
    And maybe by December I can plan my trip to Peru!

  35. I think it’s a great Idea but I’m actually doing it backwards. Same amount of money but decreasing steadily instead of increasing works better for me.

  36. I love this, Such a simple structured saving idea. Plus you get to see the money grow – which is a huge incentive to continue. My fiancé and I are working on a deposit challenge this year- trying to make money for our first home deposit . We’ve designed it as a race against each other and write a monthly blog with our efforts and totals in. The winner will get to design and control the spare room when we eventually have the house. It’s been really encouraging to see our totals and ideas written down, still a long way to go but its definitely working 🙂

  37. Good idea. I think I will select every week an amount and score it out. So I save money during 52 weeks and it is my own decision how I spread it over the year.

  38. I’m doing this challenge as well, but I’m doing it slightly different. I get paid every 2 weeks…so, the week I get paid I pick a high amount to save, and the week I don’t get paid I pick a low amount to save. Easier for me to handle, and it will be the same amount as everyone at the end of the year. 🙂

  39. I am doing this challenge, but I started with week 52 and am going backwards. It’s easier to start with the larger amount so around the Christmas holidays, I will have the lesser amount to save! 🙂

  40. I just found this now on Pinterest. I am going to start this now and pass it along to my daughter as well. This is great thanks!

  41. I’m definately doing this. I agree about switching some of the more expensive weeks in with the cheaper weeks. What a great idea if your planning a wedding!

  42. LOVE the idea…. Just a thought- What about working this backwards (week 52, 51, 50, etc) so the lowest amounts are paid during the holidays?!

  43. In stead of starting in January, start in October or November. Then the 1st weeks through the holidays will require less savings and the 52 weeks will end in time for shopping. A save-at-home Christmas Club.

  44. April 26th was my 60th birthday so I am going to try to keep up with the challenge until my 61st birthday. I have two gold dollars in my purse I have been carrying around for over six months, so I am going to start with those. Hopefully I will have a great birthday present for myself next year!!!

  45. My sister told me about this. I have started but I think I am about 3 weeks behind. Catching up this week and getting back on track

  46. I never thought of this, today is 2nd of May, I will start from arrear of Januay and and paid up to date
    Thanks for this great idea

  47. Love this starting tomorrow and will mix up the weeks as others have suggested for the ease of putting in the larger amounts to make the savings easier I’m also going to incorporate our loose change I can’t wait to see how much we can save in a year and possibly have a nice vacation

  48. if torwards the end you cant seem to scrap the 50 so dollars up u can just do 26, dollars every week to get the same amount. its alil repetitive yes but yes basic idea.

    1. haha, I noticed that too, but then realized they added the one before that wrong, because it’s supposed to be $1225 instead of $1125

  49. This is an amazing idea. Im also doing this challange, Instead of doing it by week im doing it by day. This may only work for me though because im a waitress so I get paid cash everyday. Im also thinking about doubleing the amounts since im saving on a time frame for a special event! Im on day 11!!! Hope you keep it up! ♡♥Happy Mothers Day♥♡

  50. This is a great idea! Like a few people were saying, I get my paycheck every other week. I was wondering if anyone has created a modification at all that might be helpful, because once we get to the later weeks it might be difficult to pull $60-100 out of each check. 🙁 We don’t want to have to cut our challenge short once we get to week 30.

  51. Where do I get the print out from?

    [admin: click the image of the chart and it should popup and you can copy and paste it to your hard drive for printing.]

  52. This seems like a good idea, but I wouldn’t do it quite as posted. If I did, and I started in January, it would mean the month of December I would have to set aside $49, $50, $51 and $52. I don’t know about you, but I never have $200 to spare in December! Instead, I wrote the numbers 1 through 52 on a piece of paper for my jar. Each week, I would “deposit” as much as I could, and cross off that number from my list. So, if I could save $52 the week of April 4, I would do it. If some weeks I could only manage $2 or $1, that’s what I would “deposit”, and still feel good about keeping up with my committment.

  53. This is a good idea and all, but I wouldn’t be motivated to just up the dollar amount for no reason. I would put a different amount each time and then write one thing I could buy with my total savings at the time. Something to tell me that its worth it.

  54. Hello I have copyied your idear with the 52 weeks challenge to my blog ( In danish ) and have others to save money with me too. Its a great way to save up to something nice we want. In a year its giving a fine sum of money to spend on something nice. Så thanks for the challenge.

    Best Regards

  55. I heard one on The radio. I started it on April 15th. Do not spend any $5 bills you get. Save every one! Some times I put one in and once I had 5 to put in! Its easy fun, challenging, and exciting when you get a $5 bill back in change! I have half a cookie jar so far!

  56. I like this idea! Right now what I am doing is when I buy something I throw the change into the bottom of my purse. By the end of the week I take out all the change ( it gets pretty heavy by then lol ) and put it in a jar! By the end of the year or when ever I will count it. I have had over $500 dollars sometimes. I helps in tough time with extra $ or if I go on a trip! Its always a surprise when counting to see how much in there.

  57. I re-typed mine in a spread sheet using Jennifer’s suggestion of 1,2,3,52,4,5,6,51,7,8,9,50…It works out well. The most expensive month (the last one) ends up being $154. But I just saw this and am starting now in June so it won’t be so much around Christmas anyway. December will work out to $106. 🙂

  58. I Just started this a few weeks ago. The prospect of having that much money in a year is exciting. It might not seem like a lot for a year’s savings, but I plan on moving in a little over 2 years so the idea of having 2600$ extra to help is nice. Good luck everyone!

    1. Just spend cash (try not to use your debit card) and put ones and fives aside every day. I’ve been doing this for 8 months and have over $900 stashed. You really don’t miss ones and fives.

  59. I really like this idea, but might start it in July instead of January. The idea of putting aside over $200 during the month of December, which is already tight due to Christmas, would ensure I would not follow through.

  60. I wanna do this so much but I cant find the sheet to print out can you (or someone) tell me how to get it to me or email it to me some how please and thank you

  61. I do this now and add in found money. Money from returns to stores, extra change found in the laundry. That kind of found money. It sure adds up.

  62. if you started at 52 and alternating 52, 1, 51, 2, 50, 3, 49, 4, 48, 5, 47… it would equal out to be 106 every fourth week. that seems pretty reasonable.

  63. This would be a good idea if you need a visual of how much money you are saving to remind yourself to save. A better idea would be to use Monopoly money or handwritten notes and do a simple electronic transfer from your checking account to your savings account each week. You could even have a special savings account just for this challenge. That way all that money will be earning you interest while you save instead of just sitting there in a jar. Granted, it will not be a ton of interest (especially in this economy) but since the idea of this challenge is to prove how a little addition each week can add up to a lot… the little bit of interest accumulated would add up too. You could, in theory, earn an extra $40+ even with a low APR. Just a thought.

    [Admin: Right, but that would be boring. The point is it’s fun!]

    1. I’m going to do this as well! A few months behind, but better late than never! Excited to get started!

  64. Has anyone tried doing it as a 52 DAY challenge? I think that’s what I want to try. $1378 in less than two months would be nice. My wedding is in 2016. If I continued it as 52 days until then, I’d have a nice little stash!

  65. I only just found this post, and I love the idea. I have gone ahead and printed the page, but I have also saved it to my computer for reuse – hopefully year to year. I am going to hold on the page I have printed, and put it with a jar we already have so we can start this the first of the new year. I have also read down most of the posts and I like what a few people said about spreading out the larger amounts from the end of the year with the lower amounts from earlier in the year. I am excited about this! We have tried doing the add left over change to the jar at the end of each day, but that does not work for us seince we do not really carry money. Because I am disabled we stopped carrying monsy a few years ago after I was almost mugged, so switched to using just a bank card, and occasionally checks. So we rarely have change to put in a jar. We have even tried the bank accounts that round up your purchases and puts the change into savings. I think this will work better since it requires the commitment from us to go get the money and “pay” the jar like we would a bill. Thank you for this great idea!

  66. I am saving monthly. Started in September. I am paid monthly and love the idea…..I need to pay off more debt first. My goal is to be consistent each monthly payday. Also a step in the right direction.

  67. Thank you so much for sharing this. I found it through Pinterest and am so excited about it. I only wish I’d found it 20 years ago!

  68. At the risk of sounding dumb, I start with 1.00 week one and week two I put in 2.00 and so on? Last week of the year i place in 52.00 and then I have 1378.00?

    [admin: You add $2 on week 2, so you’d have $3. Then on week 3 you add $3, that gives you $6.]

  69. I am doing the challenge but I put mine in a container that I could not see into, I know that if I see the money I will want to spend it…out of sight out of mind! Thanks for the challenge! I am up for it!

  70. I did this last year and presented my husband with $1300 in his stocking!!! He couldn’t believe it – we are using the money to go on a trip to Florida later this month – But $200 of it I put in to my emergency fund I am now doing this again this year

  71. Hi! I’ve just finished the first year of 52 weeks challenge! the last weeks was really hard but… I have to go ahead! today I will restart a new challenge! 🙂

  72. I’ve been doing this with you for a couple years now – this will be my 3rd year doing this. It’s great fun and my husband has joined me in it this year! He was so impressed – last year I paid for 2 trips (vacations) for us with this jar of money! We are getting ready to head to Charleston for a short vacation with what I have left from last years jar of money and we already have this years going.
    I started a new thing last year where every time we had an extra $5 now and then, I would throw that in the jar – we had over $1600 in the jar at the end of the year! We went to Colorado to see our boys for one week and now preparing for our Civil War tour in Charleston!
    Thanks so much for sharing this and for your updates – we are truly enjoying this idea!

  73. Dee, I am having a hard time with the download. I don’t have a program to open a zip file. Can you just send me a pdf? Thank you, JoyMarie

    1. Hi,
      I can’t email it, the file is to large. It needs to be downloaded to a computer, it’s to large to download to most phones. The image is 300ppi.

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