Possibly the Most Hated Woman in America?

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Today – The TODAY Show announced that Tuesday’s guest co-host would be Sarah Palin, leaving many to wonder if the executives of The TODAY Show weren’t playing a day late April Fools Joke on the nation.


A quick scan of The TODAY Show FaceBook feed shows just how bad it is, one disgruntled fan even posting the phone number to NBC (212-664-4602)

One fan even creating an anti-Palin on The Today Show Fan Page.
(Yes, I “LIKED” it lol)


I’ll let the quiz speak for itself – right after I test out that phone number.

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  1. Rhia Roberts

    This hatred is mind-blowing to me. I’m not a fan of Sarah Palin but to consider her worse than a killer seems very out-of-whack. Hatred is so powerful today, isn’t it?

  2. David Leonhardt

    I note in one of the comments, somebody complaining about calling her Governor Palin. Do governors not get to keep the title for life. Like President Clinton. And President Bush?

  3. janice lynn

    That really speaks volumns, Sarah Palin is disliked as much as a phychotic, narsistic, lying, baby killer. Way to go Sarah, really connecting with people, makings friends wherever you go. I have a great idea, KEEP YOUR DUMB, WHINY HATEFULL MOUTH SHUT, nobody cares about you or your narrow ideas…

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