How to Run an Internet Scam in 5 Easy Steps

Pay close attention to each step.

If you’re going to scam people, you need to think about who they are and what their needs are.

1. Pick your Profile group
a) Inner city, high school drop out, single moms.
b) The elderly on a fixed income.
c) Immigrant workers with poor English skills.
d) Pick a race, think about their stereo types and exploit it.
It’s easy to do – Think about your friends on FaceBook, the ones who are always “sharing” known scams, but never know it. They’ll buy into almost anything.
What stimulates Nana to pull out her wallet?
Christian groups are bleeding hearts, low on common sense.
Knocked up at 15 and dropped out of high school – there’s a winner for you.
See how easy it is!

2. Purchase a domain
Many domains can be purchased for $2. Pick a domain which will attract your profile group. Example: “Work At Home For Christian” or “Black Sisters Ban”

3. Then create a website around the attention span and trust level of your profiled group.
Websites are easy to build and many times are free. Keep your profile group in mind.
If you’re going after the elderly, make sure you put lots of pictures of Grandmothers spending money. If it’s the 15 year old drop out, dark backgrounds with glitzy high life and rock stars should to the trick.

4. Signup for every affiliate program on the web
Those are also free. There are hundreds of thousands of affiliate sites out there. But whatever you do, do NOT sign up for the legitimate affiliates. Why? *See Below.
Sign up for just 2 or 3 of those sketchy affiliate groups. Post their links on your site with phrases like “Get money for free” or “I‘ve figured out the system” or “I know how they got rich”
Promise people that you’ll give them a cut every time they sign up for a “survey” that’s actually a credit card offer and you’ll give the a little extra when they get someone else to sign up.

5. Promote!
Find work at home blogs and leave comments with a link to your site.
Go to Craig’s List and post job openings leave a link to your site.
Find FaceBook FanPages for small towns and rural areas and talk about all the money you earn and leave a link to your helpful site.
Find Christian groups in small towns and offer to help them find jobs for their single mom population.

6. Then just sit back and watch the $$ roll in. There’s a sucker born every minute, all you have to do is come up with a list of “Types” of people and what their needs are and you have it made. (Yes, I know it reads 5 easy steps, but this isn’t really a step)


Want to know how I know? I’ve done it. I created these sites for clients not knowing how they would be used. In the beginning I didn’t understand the process, I was a new programmer, I knew code, not scams and there are still a few scammer sites out there that bear my name.

There are plenty of legitimate affiliate sites out there. Look around my blog, those are all affiliate links. What’s the difference?

Legitimate Affiliates will NOT allow you to share your income with people who sign up using your link.
Think about it for a minute. You’ll find several affiliate links on my blog for Web Hosting – right?
Now lets say, I tell you, sign up for “Webhosting company X” using my affiliate link and I’ll give you half of what they pay me. You’ll get a month of free hosting, BUT before they charge your credit card, cancel!
WHY Would “Webhosting company X” want to get screwed like that?
WHY Would “Webhosting company X” pay me to bring them business only to get the rug pulled out from under them?

No legitimate company is going to tell you to get people to sign up, just to have the person cancel before their credit card is charged – They Wouldn’t Make Any Money!

Want further proof?

Below is a screenshot of Logical Media a Legitimate Affiliate Site.
Let me point out a few things ……
a) Underlined in REDNo Incentives“. If I promise you a buck if you signup, Logical Media will drop me.
b) See the payout? $4.25 a lead. That is 4 dollars and 25 cents for every person who signs up with a legitimate product sourcing site. Synovate works with product development companies to find people to test products before they go on the market.
Do you know how many people sign up using my link? A LOT!
Do you think I’m going to risk even a penny of it? NO WAY!

Logical Media doesn’t pay me in points or even pennies, they pay me in big fat checks for referring people to companies for extended periods of time.

But we’re looking to run a scam right? So ignore that, you don’t want to sign up with legitimate affiliate sites, because once you get caught scamming people you’ll have to go through your site and remove all their links.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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