1847 Rogers Bros Silverware Value (Most Expensive Rare One Sold For $3,400)

One of the most common inquiries at antique shops and shows is silverware. Collectors all around the world are always in search of pure sterling silver, and they don’t hesitate to spend a great amount of money on it.

We ain’t sure who is more into this type of silverware hunt – passionate collectors, catering services, or young women who like to dine with style. One of the most sought-after silverware comes from the 1847 Rogers Bros company. Naturally, when some item or group of items become so popular, a lot of people try to plagiarize it and sell it as the original.

To avoid making a big mistake and spending money on silverware that ain’t real silver we wrote this let’s call it a guidance article. All of you who aren’t so experienced in this field, after reading it should be able to know how to determine 1847 Rogers Bros silverware value. Let’s start with a little bit of their history.

1847 Rogers Bros Trademark History

1847 Rogers Bros is an American silverware trademark established in 1862. In 1862 portions of Rogers Bros company were taken from them and attached to Meriden Britannia Company. The Britannia Company bought the hollowware division, tools, and dies from Rogers Brothers and many independent silversmiths joined them and form International Silver Co.

Soon enough this new firm became the world’s largest manufacturer of silverware, and the Rogers 1847 became their trademark. This new firm did what no one did before, they designed and developed silverware patterns on a yearly basis. That was a great marketing trick since it motivated people to buy their new product every year, for themselves, or as a gift.

They were also among the first ones that used the advantage of marketing in magazines with great new colors and promoting their new products. The most popular silverware patterns in the mid-20th century were:

  • First Love
  • Marquise
  • Adoration
  • Eternally Yours
  • Daffodil
  • Heritage
  • Flair

These patterns are very popular collectibles nowadays and are still used for decoration.

How To Determine If Your Rogers Bros Silverware Is Real?

Determinating the real value of Rogers Bros silverware depends upon many different factors. Since these items can be easily plagiarized you need to overlook and examine them with utmost care. Most Rogers silverware sets that can be found on the market nowadays are antique and if they are in a good condition they can reach a pretty high value.

Besides the history and condition, the following factors are crucial when you want to determine the real price.

Patterns and symbols

A lot of silverware sets that date from 1879 and further are decorated with rich and beautiful engraved patterns. I already mentioned some of the most popular patterns that you can find on Rogers Bros silverware sets, but make sure you check these as well:

  • Acme
  • Alaska
  • Beauty
  • Beloved,
  • Berwick

The above-mentioned patterns are very valuable and they can increase the value of your silverware set. If you come across a silverware set with these patterns make sure you visit an expert who can confirm if the set is real.

Also, when you try to determine the value of your silverware set you need to check for the silver mark that contains a mark or stamp of the manufacturer. When we talk about Rogers Bros look for silver marks such as “Wm. Rogers Mfg. Co.” or William Rogers & Son.

Why is it important to look for silver marks? These marks indicate the purity of silver and the date of manufacture. If there is no silver mark in most cases the set isn’t made from pure silver. If your set is marked with a triple plate or A-1 this is silver-plated flatware and silverware.


When you are buying any item that is made of sterling silver its condition is very important. Silver can change color due to oxidation, and you can also see thin scratches and heel wears on them.

Even though Rogers Bros silverware is silver plated, scratches or heel wear are still a possibility. This will significantly affect their value and lower the price tag. Since silverware forks, spoons, and knives can be polished, the engraved silver surface is thin so what seems like minor damages, can completely ruin your set’s pattern and its value.

Date of production

The date of production has a major impact on the value of your Rogers Bros set. The rarity is directly linked with patterns and the period when they were manufactured which makes them fun to own.

Naturally, the older the piece, the higher the value and the price tag are. Now, remember when you come across silverware made by William Rogers and it dates from far back, make sure you treat it as very valuable from the star. What you need to do is to take it to some expert who will further elaborate on this topic.

Where Should You Look For Rogers Bros Silverware?

Silverware is a very attractive collectible among vintage collectors. No matter which brand you prefer you can be sure you will come across it on some online selling platforms such as Etsy, eBay, Ruby Lane, 1stDIBS, LiveAuctioneers, etc.

However, I must warn you that silverware is commonly plagiarized so make sure you buy from a reputable seller, or check the reviews and avoid unpleasant situations. If you aren’t a big fan of purchasing vintage collectibles on these platforms, you can try your luck at some of the reliable auction houses.

What I recommend is to check local flea markets, thrift shops, and antique shops. Maybe you won’t find a whole set but you can still find some rare and valuable pieces that will enhance your collection.

List Of The Most Valuable Rogers Bros Silverware Sets On The Market

Your silver is worth money no matter what type of silverware you currently own. But there’s so much more than just the sheer value of the silver.

For instance, some sets will have the same amount of silver, and the same number of pieces, yet one will be much more valuable than the other, why? The date of origin, manufacturer, and pattern are the answer. To help you figure out how valuable your silverware set is here is the list of those that are sold for quite high price tags.

  • Vintage by 1847 Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set for 12 Service 114 Pieces Grapes currently selling for $3,400
  • International Rogers 1936 Sterling Silver Set Primrose for 12 HEAVY 84 pieces $3,250
  • Siren by Int’l Rogers Bros Silverplate Flatware Set Service 44 Pcs Woman Figural currently selling for $3,195
  • Vintage by 1847 Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set for 8 Service 81 Pieces Grapes currently selling for $2,450
  • 1847 Rogers Bros RENAISSANCE Silver plated 7 pc place setting silverware for 12+ current price $1,350
  • Heraldic by 1847 Rogers / Int’l Silver Plated Flatware Set for 12 Service Dinner sold for $1,295
  • Vtg 1847 Rogers Bros Sterling Silver Flatware Set 52pcs Stainless Blades 2846g sold for $1,250
  • Eternally Yours by 1847 Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set for 18 Service 96 pcs currently selling for $1,150
  • Vintage 31 PC Old Charleston 1847 Rogers Bros Sterling Silver Flatware Set currently selling for $1,095
  • Precious Mirror International Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set 12 Service 85 pcs currently selling for $995
  • LOT OF 139 PIECES. 1847 Rogers Bros XS Triple Heraldic Hammered FLATWARE currently selling for $950
  • Eternally Yours By 1847 Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set Service For 12 67 Pieces currently selling for $850
  • Vintage 1847 Rogers Bros 66 Piece Silver-Plated Flatware in the Pattern “Orleans” / 66 Piece Set for 12/ currently selling for $736
  • Precious Mirror International Rogers Silverplate Flatware Set 8 Service 57 pcs currently selling for $695
  • 95 Piece Rogers Bros Heraldic Pattern Dinner Flatware Set – 1916 Arts & Crafts currently selling for $595
  • 82-pc.Heritage by 1847 Rogers Bros. Silverplate Flatware Set/Service for 12 Plus Hostess Set $469
  • 80-pc. First Love by 1847 Rogers Bros. Grille/Viande Style Silverplate Flatware Set/Service for 12 Plus Hostess Set currently selling for $439


Should you polish silverware?

If your silverware has become badly tarnished because you don’t use it you can bring it back to its old glory by using some simple tricks. The safest way is to polish your silverware with a soft towel and a silver polish cream of your choice.

You can also mix some baking soda, white vinegar, and salt in a foil-lined ceramic dish and add boiling water to it. Carefully layer the silverware in this mixture and let it sit for 5 minutes. Dry and polish it with a soft cloth and it should be as good as new.

Is vintage silverware made from real silver?

Yes, antique or vintage silver items are made from real silver. Their value can be far more than their silver content would suggest. Also, the real value is determined by the quality of the object, the date of origin, the skill of the creator, and the demand for the silver item.

Should You Start Collecting Vintage SIlverware?

The short answer is yes. The Rogers Bros silverware is a very sought-after collectible but their price range is medium to say so. For example, some silverware sets from manufacturers like Tiffany, Chantilly, Old Master, or Royal Danish can reach price tags above $10,000.

So as you see the demand for vintage silverware is high so all you have to do is check your gran’s kitchen and old dinnerware sets. Back in the day, these sets weren’t as pricey as they are today. You would be surprised to learn that a lot of people don’t even know they own something as valuable as these sets.

In case you are an expert in this field, or you are a passionate collector, please share your valuable experience with us in the comment field below. We are always eager to learn more.

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