52 Week Money Challenge 2014 – Week 1 #52weekmoneychallenge

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52 Week Money Challenge 2014

52 Week Money Challenge 2014


And here we go! It’s the 52 Week Money Challenge 2014!!!

Many of us did this last year and it was a great way to save a little extra cash – $1,378 to be exact.

This year I’m going to attempt it twice – at the same time. Well, at least for a while.

Are you ready?

Get a Jar.

Get a Buck.

Wasn’t week 1 easy? I have news for you – weeks 2 – 52 are just as easy!

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Not sure what we’re doing yet? Are you a little confused? Let me explain.

Grab a jar, coffee can, large mug, anything that can hold something and preferably has a cover, but a cover is not mandatory.

52 Week Money Challenge 2014Find a dollar.
Dollars can be located in a wallet, between couch cushions, the car, jeans back pocket, kids bed room, dresser, just about anywhere – I mean it’s a buck! There must be one laying around your place somewhere.

Put the dollar in the jar – and you’re done for this week!

Next week: Next week is week 2. Week 2 means you put $2 in the jar. Week 3 you’ll put $3 in the jar.
Now you may be seeing a pattern emerging here and you’d be right!
Each week you had an extra $1 to your jar.

To keep track of which week you’re (we’re) on printout the handy dandy 52 Week Money Challenge Printable with Calendar! And this year it’s Pretty!!

52 week money challenge 2014 JPG
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52 week money challenge 2014 PDF
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You can start next week or the week after. You can make the first week of February your week 1. So download the printables and pick a week!

Now as promised the 52 Week Dollar Coin Challenge!!
I’m thinking this will probably last 6 weeks lol

52 Week Dollar Coin Challenge

52 Week Money Challenge in 25 Seconds.

52 Week Money Challenge 2014

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