Best Fiends – by Seriously – Best Game App Ever!

Best Fiends!

Best Fiends is a Linking Game – it’s the Anti-candy crush.

Presented by ‘Seriously‘ the premise of the game is to defeat the slugs by linking matching items – leafs, berries, flowers, raindrops, and mushrooms. Sounds easy right? The first few levels are – then come the Evil Nasty Slugs!

There’s even a back story. In the foothills of a mountain were small creatures who lived in harmony until a meteor struck and transformed the slugs into giant greedy killing machines hell bent on world domination.

Best Fiends Most Hated Slug

Now the Nasty Slugs have taken over and the little creatures must join forces to defeat the slugs. Along the way it’s your job to trigger their evolution using Meteormites. However that comes with problems also. The Yellow Meteormites seem to be in ample supply, where the Blue Meteormites are much harder to come by and to grow your Fiends you must have a combination of the two.

Best Fiends Best Fiends

In the game strategy is used to over come the challenges – but it won’t tax your brain. Simply link the leafs, berries, flowers, raindrops, and mushrooms. Connect enough and you are rewarded with either a bomb or other item depending on the fiend you chose for that board. Different Fiends have different powers and different boards require different fiends to work together and it doesn’t take long to discover which fiends are needed.

Best Fiends Best Fiends

Another challenge is the amount of energy needed for each level. When you start out each board only requires 2 energy bolts. However I’m on level 225 which requires 6 energy bolts for each board. When you run out of energy bolts you can either take it as a sign that you need to look up from your phone and go join the world – while you wait you gain more energy (for free) or you can purchase more energy bolts.

Once you win a board you receive 3 keys to unlock treasure. You can also purchase more keys as you go. There always seems to be a sale on whatever you need, energy, diamonds, gold bars.

The graphics are amazing. The game starts in a nice field then moves through a desert to the arctic to the ocean on and on each with detailed backgrounds. Check out the Best Fiends FaceBook Fan Page for some great graphics.

Best Fiends Best Fiends Yellow

BUT WAIT …. There’s More! They have Plush Toys! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better you realize that they have a full line of Fiend Plush toys. Best Fiends Plush Toys are available on

Best Fiends

Best Fiends is a free download available for Androids, Amazon and iThings.

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Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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