Coupons for Good Shop for Your Teen at These 4 Chartable Companies

Coupons for Good Shop for Your Teen at These 4 Chartable Companies

Teenagers seem to require an endless stream of clothing and accessories for school, work, and play. As a parent, you may not love everything your kids want to wear, but you want them to keep up with the latest fashions so they can fit in with their peers.

The next time you shop for your teen, focus on items from these four charitable companies. Regardless of your opinion on what your teen likes to wear, you can make sure you support a company that gives back to the community. Everyone can agree that supporting charitable companies is a good thing.


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Aeropostale has lots of clothes teenagers want to wear, so you’ve probably found yourself shopping at one of its locations within the last few years. You can feel good about spending your money at Aeropostale because the company pairs with nonprofit organizations to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged people.

The company works with several charities. For example, Aeropostale paired with in 2013 to collect jeans for homeless youth. Aeropostale agreed to collect used jeans at many of its stores and gave coupons to customers who donated.

You can save money while shopping at Aeropostale by getting coupons from the GoodShop website. You will also find Aeropostale discount opportunities on the Coupons for Good Facebook page. You don’t have to pay full price to support a charitable company.

Old Navy

Old Navy encourages its stores to partner with local charities to address issues that matter most to their communities. For instance, over 200 Old Navy stores partnered with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation in 2014 to raise money for childhood cancer research. The stores helped raise over $700,000.

Much like shopping at Aeropostale, you can save money while supporting Old Navy’s good deeds. Find Old Navy coupons at the Goodshop website. Shopping for teens can get expensive, so it never hurts to get a discount on your purchases.

Warby Parker

If your teenager wears glasses, start buying frames and lenses from Warby Parker. The eyeglasses company will donate one pair of glasses to charity for every pair customers purchase. Warby Parker’s outreach program also provides eye exam and sales training to men and women who live in developing companies. This helps low-income people around the world access affordable glasses while giving their communities a long-term path toward financial stability.


TOMS also follows the buy-a-pair, give-a-pair donation model. When you buy your teenager a pair of TOMS shoes, the company will donate a pair to someone who can’t afford them. TOMS also supports efforts that improve access to clean water, prevents bullying, and provides a safe place for mothers to give birth.

Teenagers can go through shoes quickly. You might as well give your money to a retailer that takes its charitable commitments seriously.

Where you shop really can make a difference in the world. As the parent of a teenager, you probably shop a lot. Take advantage of these opportunities to save some money and support causes that matter to you.

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