Dealing With Disruptive Pets at Home: 3 Useful Tips

Dealing With Disruptive Pets at Home 3 Useful Tips

Dealing With Disruptive Pets at Home: 3 Useful Tips


At their best, pets enrich our lives by providing loyal companionship, lots of cuddles, and plenty of laughs. However, pets can also cause problems that could become especially noticeable if you stay at home for most of the day. Fortunately, there are some straightforward solutions you can use to tackle issues efficiently.


Give Pets Attention Regularly


Since you stay at home, that automatically makes it easier to give pets more attention than you’d likely be able to if you worked an eight-hour shift away from home and had to deal with commuting as well. It’s important to keep your pets in mind when you’re at home and give them attention throughout the day.


When pets don’t get enough attention, they could suffer separation anxiety and may even start destroying your house because they are so upset. Think about setting a timer and playing with your pets for 15 minutes every couple of hours. That ongoing attention allows you to get work done and should make your pets stop being so disruptive.

Make Sure Your Pet Is Healthy


It’s also crucial to be sure there are no underlying health issues causing your pet to disturb your day, especially if the problems started recently. For example, pets might struggle with urinary incontinence or develop problems that make it uncomfortable to relieve themselves.  That’s why it would be a good idea to invest in an affordable pet insurance – it might save you a big amount of money in the long run.


If your pet is showing disruptive characteristics that relate to biological functions, it’s particularly wise to make an appointment with a veterinarian. Before you go, make notes about when the problem started and if there’s anything that seems to make it worse.

Offer Them Stimulating Toys


Pets get bored just like humans do, but, unlike us, they can’t go on the internet, call a friend, or read a book to relieve the boredom. With that in mind, get in the habit of purchasing new toys for your pets to keep them entertained. If you prefer to stock up on diversions without leaving the house, it’s easy and fast to buy dog toys online and find fun things for cats too.


Whether you’re purchasing things for dogs, cats, or both kinds of animals, think about the things they like to do naturally so you can unleash their inborn tendencies. For example, many dogs love to fetch while cats like to pounce on objects that have feathers or make bird sounds.


As you can see from these suggestions, problem-causing pets don’t have to permanently disrupt your everyday activities. Try these tips today and practice them regularly for best results.

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