Getting Crafty in the Kitchen


Spending time at home in the midst of a hectic life can be wonderful. When you’re stuck at home for too long, though, you start to go stir-crazy. Let the house itself provide sources of entertainment! Stave off boredom at home by completing tasks that have stayed at the bottom of your to-do list, by organizing things, or by finding new games you can play on your own. The time will pass quickly and you’ll find yourself enjoying that at-home time!

Get Crafty in the Kitchen

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Use your free time to enjoy cooking things you’ve never tried before. Maybe you want to try a new recipe or experiment with some ingredients. Several websites, like MyFridgeFood and Supercook, suggest recipes based on what you’ve got in the kitchen. If you cook something complex enough, you’ll use up hours of your boredom and you’ll have a tasty reward when you’re done!

Find a New Book

Browse your local library’s online section or check out the e-books available online. Being at home alone is a wonderful time to read that book your friends are talking about or to find a new genre or author to explore. You could even look through your bookshelves to find something you bought but never read. If nothing new appeals to you, maybe it’s time to re-read an old favorite!

Clean Up the House

Not everyone finds cleaning fun, but the result is extremely satisfying. Tackle a cleaning project you’ve been putting off for a while, organize that closet that’s been cluttered for a year, or go from room to room making the house presentable. Even if your house is already clean, use your time at home to do infrequent cleaning tasks, like shampooing the carpets or washing all the blankets in the house.

Organize Your Photos

Whether you like to print out your photos or have a bunch of photos saved in your cloud, they could probably use some organization. Put those physical photos in a photo album, or create a wall collage with your favorites. Organize your photo files so you can easily find holidays, birthdays, and family trips. Then print out some favorites to put up on the wall, with or without frames.

Use Your Smartphone

Take surveys for money, browse social media, read interesting articles, or play awesome new games on your smartphone. Hours of knowledge and entertainment are at your disposal. Watch videos or play new strategy games on your smartphone such as the new Samsung Galaxy S7, with its large and brilliant Super AMOLED display, or spend time catching up on the news. Brain games like Scrabble and chess will entertain you without leaving you feeling like you wasted time on something mindless.

Refine Your Wardrobe

You’ve probably got a lot of clothes and shoes in the back of your closet that you don’t wear anymore. Take a critical eye to the contents of your closet. Pull out the clothes that you wear infrequently, and separate the ones that are wearable from those that are stained or riddled with holes. Put the first batch into a donation bag and the second batch in a bag headed for a recycling center that can handle textiles. Do the same thing with old baby clothes or seasonal wear you have stashed in the attic.

Experiment With a New Hairstyle

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Have you ever wanted to move your part to the other side of your head? What about straightening your curls, or curling your straight hair? We’ve all got a few hairstyles we’ve been dying to try but haven’t had the time to do so. Find YouTube videos that explain how to style your hair the way you want it, then spend a few hours in the bathroom with your hair tools perfecting the look. Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, it’s worth a few selfies!

Being stuck at home may not be what you wanted from your day, but it’s an opportunity for you to stimulate your brain and get some things done! Put on some favorite music, change into a comfortable outfit, and enjoy yourself!

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