How Roto Rooter Has Changed My Life #ad


Hi! Erica here! I have long, curly hair. While I love my hair, I do not love the fact that I lose a hand full with every wash. Of course, most with long hair know what this means… It means clogged drains. While a clogged drain is a most annoying inconvenience, it is nearly impossible to prevent. Even with a protective drain cover, those pesky hairs are bound to find their way into the drain. So I digress…

How Roto Rooter Has Changed My Life #ad

I’m sure you can imagine that I have tried every natural remedy you can possibly think of. Baking soda and vinegar is actually a top recommended remedy for a clogged drain, and while this concoction may help with a grease-clogged pipe in the kitchen, it does little to nothing for bathroom pipes clogged with hair. I have also heard that lemon oil mixed into this concoction works, but again, it works for grease and not hair. So, what’s a girl to do? Well… once, I got creative and used a clothes hanger to dig the hair out of the drain! My friend told me of a time that she did the same thing, but with a crochet hook! We ladies can come up with some creative ways to solve our plumbing problems!

Really, the easiest way to handle this is with a chemical drain clog remover. There are several brands of these products on the market, and I have tried them. They worked okay, but I have been a little less than impressed. Then I recently heard of Roto Rooter products, and my life will never be the same. Y’all, this stuff really works!!

How Roto Rooter Has Changed My Life #ad

I had no idea that they had retail products. I only knew of the Roto Rooter plumbing service that comes to your home, and that they are the top name in plumbing services. Because of this, I knew that the retail products would have to be good as well. And I was right! The product I chose for my hair-clogged drain was the Roto Rooter Hair Clog Remover. It worked much faster to dissolve the drain than other products I’ve used, so that makes it a winner in my book.

Roto Rooter products are safe for sewage as well as septic systems, and they have a full line of really great products. In addition to the Hair Clog Remover, they also have a Gel Clog Remover for clog removal, a Build-Up Remover that prevents grease clogs, and a Septic Treatment for monthly use.

Roto Rooter Has Changed My Life #ad

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