How to Blog Part #4 Never Blog About …..

never blog about...

never blog about…

Never blog about:

….the school Principal’s senility. As true as it may be, it’s not going to help you win the war.

….that you have a totally innocent mommy crush on one of your child’s male teacher’s who you suspect is gay making it all the more safe.

….your delinquent insignificant other. It never works in your favor and only makes you look like a loon.

….a specific nasty mother at the play ground, school pickup, or scouts. The nasty mother’s usually have a posse.

….what you ‘assume’. Just assume you assume wrong.

….your mother in law.
Father in law’s however seem to be fair game if you’re a Mommy Blogger. However, if you’re a Daddy Blogger just stay clear of the in law subject.

Never blog about another blog in a crazy negative tone – unless that’s your niche. Bloggers can be vicious.

Don’t argue with your readers, you need them! It’s best just to mark whack-a-do comments as spam and move on.

Never invite your readers to your home – those are call stalkers! And it always ends badly!

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