Is It Time To Get Your Teeth Cleaned?

Over half the adults in the United States don’t get the preventive care needed to maintain good oral health, but that can change. Local dental professionals like those at your local West Island dental clinic provide accessible care, and basic cleanings can help prevent the need for more expensive intervention down the road. There are a lot of concrete benefits beyond just reduced risk of cavities, though. Many people don’t realize it, but there are a range of serious and sometimes chronic ailments that dentists and periodontists often detect before doctors. While they can’t make a diagnosis most of the time, the symptoms they identify can lead to a doctor following up and finding cancer, diabetes, or other conditions that can be managed more easily when they are caught early.

Turn Back the Clock on Plaque and Tartar

Professional cleanings give your St George dentist a chance to check for cavities, but it’s the work of the hygienist that provides most of the prevention. When you get your teeth cleaned, the process removes the built up plaque and tartar that often provides the environment bacteria need to thrive. This helps prevent an escalation to tooth decay or, even worse, gingivitis. With regular home care and the right additional dental products, professional cleanings can round out your defense against oral diseases. You can’t always keep your teeth from developing problems, but you can minimize the chances they show up. When something does break through, it’s also easier to catch it before it’s a big issue if you have a regular schedule of cleanings.

Learn About New Options for Care

Whether you have dental insurance or not, cleanings can also help you learn about elective care. Cosmetic dentistry is just one option. Another is the opportunity to budget for long-term changes like orthodontic alignment or treatment for sleep apnea. When you take care of those concerns, you can help further reduce your risk of other health complications, and it’s easier to make a plan when you get help from professionals who understand your needs. It can be tough to find a spot for an appointment in a busy schedule, especially if you have dental anxiety, but today’s care options include sedation to help offset dental anxiety, making treatment more accessible to more people than ever before. If you haven’t looked into a cleaning in a while, now is the time to reassess the idea. You will be surprised when you learn how easy it can be to help yourself be healthier.

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