Processing Rebates Scam

Scam – Rebates
Rebates at home isn’t a scam as much as it isn’t worth it. Basically, lets say you are affiliate with Company X. Company X sells a product that costs $100.00. If you bring them the customer they pay you 50%. That is $50.00 – just keeping everyone on the same page! You advertise the same product for $75.00 after rebate! They purchase the product from Company X using your affiliate link, Company X turns around and pays you $50.00. After 90 days, if the person hasn’t returned the item, you send them a $25.00 rebate – usually by PayPal. It’s 90 days because after 90 the CC company will give them a hard time if they claim fraud. So you tell your customer to send in the rebate information, which you provide, 90 days after purchase. You make the rebate between 90 and 120 days. Most people will forget about the rebate after 90 days or have deleted the email or whatever.
And that is how rebates are processed at home.

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