Random-ish – Fruits and Veggies as God and Evolution intended.

Someone tell me how EGGS can contain Gluten? Do they come from Processed Birds?
I need to put my daughter on a gluten free diet and pump up her milk free diet to full status – this means there is NOTHING on the planet my daughter can eat other than Fruits and Veggies. Luckily she loves fruits and veggies but she also likes a Cookie now and then.

I guess I should be thankful, it could be much worse – it could be me! Someone who’s spent nearly 40 years consuming glutton not to mention gluten.

New Rule – in the house and around Keira EVERYONE eats Fruits and Veggies and consumes water. This really is a blessing – kinda – see picture of my rather large backside at bottom of post.


Butt Naked, Keira walks into the kitchen pulling her toy bucket and says “Water in Bucket!”
Me “No. We’ll get a tubby in the tub.”
Keira “Water in the Bucket”
Me “Let’s go to the bathroom and get a tubby”
Keira “Water in the Bucket”
Me “Let’s go Keira get a tubby in the bathroom”
Keira stands and yells “Water in the Bucket”


Breaking a 1 inch thick 12”X12” board with my bare foot!
I LOVE Breaking!
It has to be the Best Part of Tae Kwon Do!

Random Images from this Week

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