Starting A Cookie Bouquet Business

If you want a job that keeps you at home because you have children or you are unable to work at another kind of job, then consider making cookie bouquets. You can often get the supplies that you need at dollar stores or on sale at craft stores for an inexpensive price until you are able to build your customer base. You will need cookie cutters baskets, craft sticks to hold the cookies and icing so that you can make decorations on the cookies. You also need to create a website so that customers can place an order for the future or so that they can order now when they see a design that they like. Try to offer a few different types of bouquets, especially during the holiday season.

Create a business plan so that you know what is needed for operating your business. If it will be a large endeavor, then you will likely need to get a license from the county or the state in order to have the business in your home. Make sure you keep the kitchen area as well as any preparation areas clean. A cookie bouquet business is one that doesn’t take a lot to get started financially as you will usually take orders and complete them as they are placed instead of making a lot of bouquets at one time. However, if you have the space, you might want to consider making a few bouquets ahead of time and taking them to special events in the city so that they can be sold to customers. This can increase your sales, especially if the bouquets are some of the best work that you can deliver.

Consider offering gluten-free options as there are many people who can only eat this kind of food. Put as many pictures on the website of bouquets that you make as you can so that customers have an idea as to the kinds of cookies that you make and the decorations that you can add to each cookie. You want to have some for holidays, some for birthdays and some for other special events, like baby showers or anniversaries.

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