Turn Your Bathroom into Your Oasis

The bathroom is one of the only places where a mom can get some privacy, not to mention peace and quiet. So, why not make the bathroom your oasis. Turn it into a beautiful, comfortable room where you can recoup from the day to day stresses. You may only have a few minutes in there from time to time, but you can certainly make them count.

Add a Splash of Color

Painting the walls is one of the easiest and most affordable ways to make your bathroom a place you will love. The trick is to ignore the latest trends in home decor and focus on a color that truly makes you happy. Your creating this oasis for yourself. It isn’t done to please others. If you like dark colors like forest green, go for it. If hot pink is more to your liking, why not? As long as it makes you feel relaxed and comfortable, that is all that matters.

Use a Touch of Luxury

Include luxury items in your bathroom that will make you feel special. Have you always dreamed of having a towel warmer? Now is the time to get one. Imagine stepping out of the tub and wrapping yourself in a warm blanket size towel. Consider turning your daily quick shower into a spa experience. Install a digital shower control like the ones from ThearmaSol. Even something as simple as a memory foam bath matt to stand on can seem luxurious at the end of a busy day.

Create a Relaxing Environment

Once you have the bathroom painted and a few nice luxury items installed, you are ready to finish creating your oasis. Typical things like candles around the tub, soft music in the background, and low lighting all work nicely, but keep in mind that this is a room for you. Scented items like wax warmers can be used to fill the room with a favorite scent. Hang white curtains up that allow the natural light in while still providing privacy. If it is something that makes you feel good, don’t worry about whether or not most people use it in their bathroom.

Turning the bathroom into a relaxing and peaceful place where you can recoup is a wonderful idea for any busy mom. Paint the walls in a color you love, add some luxury items, and create an environment that will leave you refreshed. The brief time you have to spend taking a shower may be your only bit of privacy for the entire day. You might as well make it the best it can be.

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