Why You will Never be a Successful Blogger

Granted, many times ‘Success’ is in the eye of the beholder. To me, successful means making enough to pay the bills, not being the most popular blog around. But that’s not the point of this post …….. this is Why You will Never be a Successful Blogger


Last weekend I sat down to pull together information for my taxes and I was struck by one fact – the amount of writers that I have contracted in the last 12 months. As I stared at the ledger one thing was clear – many people want to write, but few will actually do it.

I’ve seen this before. People will email me asking for blogging advice. The thought of blogging and earning a living from it sounded wonderful, but actually sitting down and writing the simplest of brain dead posts wasn’t going to happen. Even when all the work had been done for them, they couldn’t pull themselves together long enough to actually write anything.

I have terrible spelling and grammar, but I got this far faking it! If you can’t even fake it you’ll never make it.

Many of the writers over the past year were satisfactory, a few stood out, one in particular is amazing, but most would take 2 weeks to write a simple Amazon review. Something as simple as “This is the product, this is what it does and this is why I liked it.” would take some of the folks who had begged to work on my blog, weeks to write.

Of course some had reasons. One writer was frightfully ill. Another had life pile up on her. In the end everyone had an explanation, but very few could over come themselves and do it!

So this year there are – No more chances. No more tries. From this point further if you want to write – show me that you can do it.


The next writer I contract will need to show me their Fiverr score! Or eLance earnings. Something that shows me that they have actually written something and can pull their weight. No more “at the very least” I want the very best! Earn your place on my blog! Earn your blog! If you can’t hack writing for Fiverr for a few weeks you’ll never make it. Give up now, pack it in and stop dreaming.

Sorry to be so rough on you, but it’s time to Blog Big or Go Home!

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