It all started when Keeper was 3 We…

It all started when Keeper was 3. We were in Walmart and she wanted to know what all the gardening tools did.
Of course she HAD to try this ‘gardening’. So I got a bunch of stuff, thinking that we’d play in the dirt, she drown them and in a few days she’d forget all about it.
Not so lucky, that very same night something sprang from one of the pods and she was hooked. From then on every spring Keeper has insisted on starting a garden – we start EVERYTHING and I mean everything as a seedling inside – this includes, but not limited too: peas! Sunflowers! Lettuce! We just must start everything as a seedling in April.

Our seedlings do every well, however, if you’ve ever transplanted spinach you understand that some things were never meant to be transplanted.
I don’t think things like peas are supposed to be transplanted, defiantly NOT lettuce.

But here we are again this year and I’m transplanting cauliflower from little pods to soil filled vinyl shoe organizer pockets.

Now for some perspective.
Last month we went to the Animal Park, it was around $40 to get in and treats and a gift shop visit – not a bad price. Then there was the gas to get there and lunch on the way home. For around …. maybe … $80 we had a great morning.
The total amount paid for the pods and seeds and soil and worm poop – gotta have the worm poop – and the shoe organizers = $40 – and we’ve played in the dirt and bonded for days and days.

So what if nothing grows – it’s $40 WELL spent. Happy Mothers Day.

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