I hate Google for many reasons 1 Google…

I hate Google for many reasons.

1) Google makes everything harder than it has to be – just one example would be Google Groups

2) Google assumes it knows what you want and tells you the best way to do it. In reality Google does everything the most difficult way possible – just try AdWords, before upgrading they warn you that their program sucks and that you can’t down grade after you upgrade.

3) Google Analytics is the most inaccurate piece of crap ever designed -bar none. I can prove it. Do you have a WordPress blog? Install “Visitor Maps and Who’s Online” {{ http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/visitor-maps/
}} I promise you, you will not be disappointed. Visitor Maps is the greatest plugin ever designed – bar none! It tells you the IP of every visitor who hits your site – EVERY VISITOR. You’ll find you have 90% MORE visitors than Google (or StatCounter) is recording and displaying.

4) Customer service. There isn’t any. Ever search for help using Google? They give you a cryptic solution that never works and at the bottom there is a little button that reads something like “We don’t give a shit if this worked for you, but please tell us why it didn’t so we can ignore it”

5) Google insists that you use a gmail email address for things like AdSense and YouTube. I don’t have a gmail address, I don’t need a gmail address. I recode. I have websites. I have my own domains and those domains come with email addresses. And God For Bid you have any Google account open when you open another Google account and they’re linked. Like when I had my spam gmail account open and I opened my AdSense account – Yup, now they’re linked! And account I only used for SPAM is now tied to my AdSense account and because AdSense is tied to Analytics – and none of it can be removed or changed.

6) Its free and free means crap. Google is crap, but they don’t care because it’s free, so people use it. This means if you own a blog or work online or do anything, you’ll somehow end up using or needing something Google makes and because it’s free Google isn’t worried about if you like it or if it works for you. You must use it so they can do whatever.

I’ll be adding to this in “Google Sucks List 2” later on – look for it.

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