I would like to start a class action law suit! I’d like to sue Google for leading me to Malicious Websites!
Tonight I was looking for images to help me with a project for my daughter. Google gave me this websites: blogis.dr.ag as a site where I could find a vector image that I needed.
However, once I get there I can’t leave. 500 pop ups. If you don’t click OK and download malicious software, you can’t leave. I have to use End Task to close my browser then click the X as fast as possible as soon as I reopen my browser in hopes of closing the page before it has time to infect my computer.
Why would Google lead me to such a wicked place?
I want an option in my Google Search that reads “Do NOT show me websites that won‘t allow me to leave!”
What the HELL is Google thinking? This is Googles Fault!
I want to sue to force Google to create a search engine that ONLY gives me acceptable options and not spam and harmful sites.
Google THINKS they know what I want, why don’t they give me a place where I can TELL them what I really want.
I NEVER what to be given a link to a site with a pop up or with a page I can’t close.

And why can’t I get the stink’n Google Landing page? Why am I getting the iGoogle page? I don’t want the iGoogle Page. I want the plain window with the word Google and the big box.


Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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