“How well do you know your neighbors”

1) What kind of neighbor are you?
2) How well do you know your neighbors?

1) I’m not the “come over for beers and ribs” kind of neighbor. I’m not the hostess type and I’m a bit odd.
I’m the kind of neighbor you want if your house is on fire or your heart stops or if your kids are home alone in the middle of a snow storm.
I’m the neighbor you want in an emergency.

2) We have the perfect neighbors – they are quiet (unlike us), not nosey (be witched), no strange sounds come from their house (‘the Burbs‘)
They don’t call the police when Keeper has one of her EPIC Tantrums – however I’m relatively sure they would if gun shots were heard.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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