Register for School

I’ve been told that back in the day our parents would go down to the school to sign you up and if you were lucky you may get to meet your teacher before the first day of school.
Now when you “Register” your child for school they need a complete psychological work up. This is paper work that you should take seriously, but honestly – “Can your child answer a phone?” How does that apply to Kindergarten or any grade?
1) is she going to need to do this in class?
2) No, she does not have a cell phone.
3) Do you plan to teach her this skill?
What is the point to some of these questions????

Then there was my favorite: “Is your child stubborn?”
I check YES and under it wrote: “And I feel this should be encouraged.”
The school psychologist didn’t see my humor or understand how serious I was.

I am Williams hear me Roar!
We have the blood of Roger Williams runs through our veins.

The Williams Brothers are strong opinionated men, who marry strong opinionated women and breed strong opinionated children but none more so than the daughters, and those daughters need not necessarily be of blood relation.
It doesn’t matter how you became a Williams daughter – born, adopted, step child, doesn’t matter – suddenly we are all a force.
Some of us are a bit close minded, where others of us are far more open minded, but we all have extremely strong opinions and we let NOTHING get in our way.

WE, the Williams Daughters, are a force to be reckoned with.
(Lord help those who marry the Williams Granddaughters.)

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