Post-It Note To Do List Fridge Printable – Do, Doing, Done #Printable #PostItNotes

Do Doing Done Fridge Printable

This Do Doing Done printable is the Fridge version of the Post-It Note To Do List Journal Printable – Do, Doing, Done

And yes I could have gotten away with 1 post for 2 printables, but Hey! I need the pageviews!

So if you struggle remembering what you’ve started and haven’t been able to finish, this is perfect for you.

If you’re a mom you probably feel like you’re always starting something, get interrupted, then start something else, completely forgetting what you were doing. Since Moms are always putting the needs of everyone else before their own, we are constantly forgetting what we have to do. So many times I lay in bed at night thinking – How did I forget that?

Well, I forgot it because I was trying to juggle getting everyone everywhere on time, answering a million emails, programming – which is my job – and getting house work done while being interrupted every 5 seconds by something that someone else must have right then or their life will just end!

I came up with a Post-It Note To Do List Fridge Printable – Do, Doing, Done list. This way I actually get a few things done every day.

Post-It Note To Do List Fridge Printable – Do, Doing, Done

Do Doing Done Printable Fridge

I start with listing everything I need to do on Post-It Note strips and putting the in the To Do column.
As I start doing whatever needs to be done, I move the strip into the doing section and when I’m finished I move the strip into the done section. Typically I have 5 different things in the ‘Doing’ column because I’m usually waiting on someone to get me some kind of information so I can finish what needs to be done.

By the end of the day I can see what I’ve accomplished, but during the day I can see all the tasks I have going on. If I have to stop and pick up a child from school, it’s not a problem. I just leave the task right in the ‘Doing’ column and I don’t forget what I was doing before I left.

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