Wine Glass Shades with Flickering LED Tea Lights #tealights

Rarely do I come across a company willing to hand over something as spectacular as LED Tea Lights and say “Here are some tea lights. Go do some tea light crafts.” and not give me any requirements at all! Just “We’re sending you 2 dozen – have fun!” YES! Yes, I will have fun!!!

I have a goal of 24 tea light crafts in a year. Not sure if I’ll make it, but I’ve put together 3 that I’ll be posting over the next week.

This first craft is very simple and one of my favorites: Wine Glass Shades.
You’ll need:
Wine Glasses
Real computer (file is to large to download to a phone)
Tea Lights
The Wine Glass Shade Template

Those funky scissors that don’t cut straight, but aren’t considered pinking scissors – you use them for scrapbooking.

Wine Glass Shade DesignsFirst you’ll want to download the Zipped PDF Wine Glass Shades file. (download above)
There you will find 4 different colors.

Print out the Shades you want.
Cut along the edge.

Once you have the shade cut out, take the funky scissors and go along the bottom edge again. I like the decorative edge, but it’s only optional.

Tape the sides together so it curls like a lamp shade.

I have weird looking wine glasses to begin with and they’re fat. If your wine glasses are thinner at the top than you may want to over lap a little more.

Place gems in the bottom of the wine glasses. An alternative to gems would be tissue paper – also makes a very nice look.

Drop a flickering LED Tea Light into each of the wine glasses and place the shade on top!

Ta Da! You have a beautiful Wine Glass Shade.

For a little added decoration scatter some of the gems around the table.

These are perfect for parties, quiet evenings or just because you want something crafty and pretty around.

Take note that later this week when I post my second and third tea light project I will post links from this page. If I get on a roll I may create an entire tea light category – but we can only dream (:

As always: Elements used to create the artwork were provided by Created by Jill

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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