Mason Jar Salad Recipe [Lunch] Shaky Salad! #salad #health #recipe

Mason Jar Shaky Salad

Mason Jar Shaky Salad

Mason Jar Salads are usually done …. Um in a Mason jar.
However, all my Mason jars are currently housing rechargeable lights and saving money, so I used a Guzman’s Salsa jar – plus the size was perfect for my 5 year old daughter.

It’s pretty simple, from the bottom, fill with:
cherry tomatoes,
and chicken
or whatever you like in your salad. [We ran out of spinach]

Leave room at the top!

Store in the fridge for several days and use a freezer pack when traveling.

When you’re ready for lunch, add your dressing, screw on cover and shake!

Open and eat!

NOTE: if using ranch or a thick dressing, you can add the dressing first at the bottom. Something like a vinaigrette makes everything soggy long before lunch – pack that separately.

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