Why Small Businesses should Never pay more than $500 for a Professional website ($500 at the most!)

Please take note that I did Not say Professional “looking”, but an actual Professional Website, just like the big boys.

I have rarely charged a company more than $250.00 for a website.
I use the SAME software as the guys who charge thousands of dollars.
I use the SAME hosting as the guys who charge thousands of dollars.
There is NO difference between ME and the guys who charge thousands of dollars.

So how can I charge UNDER $500.00 for a website?

1) I use the SAME Open Source (Free) software.
2) I NEVER purchase hosting for you then UP charge it to make a profit.
3) I’m NOT going to sell you a package filled with features you don’t need.

In a matter of days I can not only build you a completely customized website which will suit your specific business, but I can teach you how to use it.

There are limits to what I can do and how fast I can do it, but if you’re looking for
* Online retailer
* Whole salers
* Reservations
* Forums
* Blogs
* Dynamic websites

Contact me. Tell me what you need. Let me tell you how I can help you.

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